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I would LOVE to get a mini-dachshund but.......?

I have been told that they are hard to house break. Is this true?

I think I would rather get a male would he be easier to house break?


These are all great answers. I think I will postpone until spring.

Whatever sex dog I get it WILL be neutered or spayed as soon as possible.

Update 2:

I wish I could pick 4 best answers..

"Ruby's Mom..", "Corn is not..", "Gimp 3836" you all had great answers and gave me a lot to think about. Thank you.

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    I love having Dachshunds -- but they can be difficult to house-train.

    It just takes a little more time. If possible - you should get your pup in the early spring so that they can have all spring & summer (good weather) to learn potty-training. Then when bad weather sets in-- peeing outside will be second nature to them and while they may not like it -- they will not object to pottying in the rain/bad weather.

    I have had both females (1 Std, 2 minis) and 2 males (1 Std, 1 mini). All took a long time to train (8-12 months of age and 1 female was always a little dodgy about her pottying in bad weather). But, my males have NEVER marked inside -- Why? Because I had them neutered!!!

    Get a good potty-training book (The Dummies series is actually quite good), a nice plastic crate and follow a potty schedule like clockwork. See attached schedules


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    I'm not exactly sure about mini-dachshunds specifically, but I know that certain breeds do tend to be more difficult or take longer to housebreak (the boxer is one of them). However, if this is the breed that suits you, I don't think that the time you might spend on housebreaking should steer you away from the breed completely.

    I don't think a male would be easier to housebreak than a female. If anything I'd think that a male might be harder (but that also depends on when you get him neutered ;) Earlier is better.

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    I thought my first, dearly loved, male dog would Never get house-broken.

    A key is take young dog out all the time: after playing, after napping, after eating, after it's been 45 min. or an hour or whatever is needed.

    Don't remember troubles with the others ("remember" is the key here, probably) The carpet needed shampooing, but the dog was So Worth It!

    Friends have 2 std and 1 mini doxie, cute and full of life, playful, friendly, snuggly....

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    I have standard Dachshunds and I found them easy to potty train. I got them in the spring though, so going outside was fun for them. I think it would be a lot harder in the winter. A neutered male is easier than a un neutered, I think a female is easier than a male.

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    I never had any significant problem house breaking ours. And even if I had, it would still have been worth it.

    They are great pets, good alarm dogs, have a heart the size of all outdoors and will love you to death. Ours was a lap dog. He was a riot when my wife was pregnant. Spent the whole time trying to figure out where her lap went... I sure miss him.

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    They are hard to housetrain, so be prepared to devote your time and money into it. Do a lot of research and prepare for the worse! Dachshund can be very difficult to train.

    Males would be harder to train. All males are more difficult, since they life their legs and spray EVERYTHING. I suggest getting a female.

    Source(s): I hope this helps!! :)
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    Most of the smaller/toy type breeds are difficult to housebreak because they cannot hold it very many hours.

    I don't think it makes much difference in sex - more in the size of the dog.

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    They're smart and stubborn, which can be a challenge, but mostly it's up to you.

    That's right, YOU have to put in the effort to train them.

    Dogs are like kids. They need to be taught how to behave. They need boundaries, rules and discipline. If you aren't willing to put in the effort, then don't get ANY dog.

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    No, it's not true. There easy to house train.

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    The Gender is not important..., but you have to train them!

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