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Do you think American cities will finally get decent public transportation?

8 freaking lanes in cities like Atlanta are ridiculous. If there were public transport, that wouldn't be needed. Detroit would benefit tremendously from public transport to the city, but of course, the auto companies won't allow that. Thankfully, they're soon to be DOA.

Will Obama encourage mass transit around America?

I mean come on, the Caribbean island where I came from had all sorts of public transportation, from buses to vans that acted as buses, why can't most cities in America?


I looked at an article that said gas prices were $1.05 a liter in US dollars in 2006, so I think that equals about around $3.80 here, using the conversion system of 1 gallon to 3.78 liters., something like that.

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    I doubt it, even though people would save so much money. I'm an American living in South Korea and I'm amazed at just how good the public transportation is here. Back home it's just terrible, because people don't want to pay the taxes, even though in the long run, as I said, people would actually save money. There is also a stigma that only poor people use public transportation. Well, I think enough people will have lost enough money these days that they'll rethink that position.

    A user above me is the perfect example of an idiotic American. He thinks we should just treat the symptoms while ignoring the disease. You have to look below the surface. The money spent on public transportation ultimately saves money. When people save money, they have more money to spend. People still need to buy cars; the auto industry will not suffer because of public transportation. It will however suffer due to the idiocy of the people running the auto industry.

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    Since WWII we have spread out in the US. We moved out of the cities and into suburbs that are laid out in such a way as to make public transportation very impractical.

    In the cities we have pretty good public transportation. In metropolitan regions, we're working on it. It will take a while, but I think we're improving

    What we really ought to do is build some high-speed rail lines. Think about a 300 mph railway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, where you could get across the country overnight and then perhaps up and down either coast. Instead of developing that next big weapons system we don't need or that next stealth bomber or fighter, we could use Lockheed-Martin or General Electric to design and build something we really could use. We could develop technology that we could sell around the world. It would employ people at all levels, take the stress off the airlines, and we'd be spending the money for something useful.

    But we'd never do anything as practical as that. 8^<

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    The US had wonderful mass transit if you looked at the old street cars in most cities and the bus lines like Greyhound and others

    but the Rail Roads were let go because the government wanted to

    pour its resources for the Airlines and the Big Three ..better Airports and Better interstate highways became fashion in the Eisenhower Administration...

    You are right..Washington DC and NYC and even Chicago have good examples of mass transit..but other cities like Detroit are Awful

    and the Rail Road has been left to go to the Dogs..and have you ridden a Bush lately? they are almost non existant..but they are coming back slowly but not fast enough..I totaly agree with the person above who was in Korea

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    New York City!

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    Most cities in the world are clean, safe, and orderly. Most cities in the US are dirty, nasty, noisy, dangerous and expensive to live in. Unless you are on welfare. But then that is the problem. The ghetto and gang mentality has taken over too many cities in the US. Mass transit is very confining as to departure and arrival times, package hauling and side trips for shopping are possible only with a person's own vehicle. Plus it is against the law to shoot those nasty barking dogs all your neighbors seem to have. Mass transit does not go very far out to the suburbs.

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    Mass transit is a crock of sh*t! It is a sink hole economically. Not one mass transit system in the entire US is profitable, not even NY's, that I've ever seen.

    And it goes hand in hand with so called "smart" growth urban development that crams people into cities to prevent urban sprawl. Thus creating housing shortages, more expensive property, higher rents, more population and traffic density, and ultimately more crime and tension in a city.

    No thanks, I'll take my car and the urban sprawl! As someone above pointed out, I don't want to travel based on the city's schedule, nor do I want to travel with a bunch of strangers. I'd rather drive in my own car!

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    No. I think Obama will have more things to deal with rather than worrying about traffic in Atlanta. Another thing that comes up from the public trasport problem is that every one of us would rather drive ourselves there, rather than work on the schedule of public transportation.

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    This isn't a little island . I don't mind public transportation , but its not doable unless people live in a crowded city .

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    Not if the government has anything to do with it.

    They have been working on a new public transportation system in my city for over 45 years and still can't match the efficiency of the streetcars they took out.


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    They have Uber ( in most major US cities now - which is much more affordable than taking taxis - but very similar as far as convenience :) The phone app even allows you to track how far away your ride is, once they are dispatched!

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