I'm not real techy so I'm in need of dire help!?

okay so im not a computer wiz so i don't know how to fix my desktop. My screen save has changed it self to 'Warning spyware detected on your computer.' and now i cannot get to my user account options, I cant even get to internet options to delete my cookies, it just says c:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe application not found. And I cannot download anything. I don't even have a tool bar on my desktop. All the other user accounts have the normal dell background and they can get there tool bar back but they cant get to anything besides the internet really.

I bought system suit 8 to try on my computer, but i cant download anything so that was a waste of time. It asks me what i want to open it with and i have no clue. Just like with system restore. I don't know what to do. Can i fix this myself or will it cost allot of money to fix it?

What do I do????

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Based on the "warning" on your screen save, it sounds like you have some sort of anti virus software program.

    You need to go into "safe mode". Restart your computer. Before the Windows loading screen bar comes up, (during your bios), hit the F8 key to get into Safe Mode. [Usually it is the F8 Key but this varies depending which version of Windows you have. If this key doesn't work, use the ESC key]. Once you are in safe mode, you should see your desktop and toolbar. Use your anti virus software to detect the problem.

    Good luck

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