Why is public transportation prodominetly used by African Americans? Natural Segregation?

i am an undergraduate cultural anthropology student who had to use public transportation today. So it got my little mind a wandering. BY THE WAY THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACISM.

I live in Southern VA. in a city named Norfolk which is mostly African Americans and many of the caucasion that do live in the area speak ebonically. However, this city is next to a larger city Virginia Beach which is mostly Caucasions.

Why is it that we naturally segregate ourselves? "Blacks in this neighborhood. whites in this one. chinese and "OTHER" elsewhere"

I understand this to be because of ones need to conform and belong. However im sure that economics have something to do with it.

but then even for those that are less fortunate to really choose anywhere nice to stay do african americans choose to live in rundown apartments and white people choose to be in "trailer parks" there is no medium.

Now to the public transportation. As i was at the bus station i noticed that it was mostly populated with african americans and the few if any white people seemed extremely out of place and uncomfortable.

I'm certain that there are manly white people who dont own cars just like black people yet they choose not to use public transportation. Why? i cant really think of a reason. so can you?

(i love everyone who uses public transportation because no matter how much they hate it whether they know it or not they are saving the environment)

i know these thoughts are all over the place.. im thinkin as im writing

just want to see what you think

sorry bout the typos


i wasnt saying that it had anything to do with being poor i was just wondering. i take the bus and i have a car. i do it for the environment though

so i know thats not the only reason

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    1 decade ago
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    some blacks may be overwhelmed with bills and they might think its easier to ride the bus than to worry about extras (like car payments and insurance) its cheaper to use public transportation i have meet nurses taking the bus so its not all about being poor

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  • cly
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    4 years ago

    that's a factor of the crowded city existence that i moved far flung from. if this city gets large adequate for houston metro again out right here i'm going to pass. only placed if the area has the inhabitants density to assist interior of sight public transportation the buddies are to close to to me. public transportation is mandatory in ny and chicago maximum american cities have been geared up to make the vehicle the final approach of commute.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    theyre poor....

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