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Am I wrong ,please help?

Hmmm, Where do I begin ?

Five yrs ago it broke my heart to find my boyfriend looking at porn on the computer.And then a second time. Twice I have found a pile of pictures he had copyed off the computer.I have found pictures in his coat pocket.A few times he has stayed up all night,saying he had work to do.But I looked up the history on his pc and found he was looking at porn all night,when I was right in the next room.I came home early one night to find him with his pants down and porn on the computer. It goes on and on and on .For five yrs Ive delt with this.And I might add thet all the while it's killing me inside,as well as my confidence and self asteam.Yet I always tryed to look sexy for him and want sex.But always said there's more to a relationship then sex,and we had sex once in every 3 months.Now its to the piont of me not trusting his loylty to me ,and because I think he could be cheating on me ,he has now kicked me out of the house for not trusting him.He says Ive destroyed or relationship,yet Ive put up with his porn for 5 yrs. Am I wrong to question his loylty ? P.S And yes he has done things (outside the home) to make me think he has cheated ! Yet Ive always given him the benifit of the dought ! He tell's me Im just insaqure !Maybe I am, because all I want to do now is hide.

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    Well first of all Sorry he kicked you out hope you have somewhere to go. What a jerk. Your better off without him. Once every 3 months he had 2 be getting it somewhere else unless he was beating it all the time. You are not wrong at all to question his loyalty. Wacking to porn is still cheating. He's getting off on other person. Let him stay gone. I am sure you can do way better. Go out have a good time. When you feel down think of all the **** he did for you not to trust him.

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    You had no business putting up with that for so long. If he knew how you felt about his porn addiction, and didn't stop or even try to curb it, then he had no respect for you in the first place. Let go and let God. Keep it moving and find someone worthy of you mentally, physically and spiritually.

  • You should dump him. Looking at porn all the time only means he's in the relationship just for sex.

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