Could I have some opinions about phone calls from Iraq?

My daughter's husband is in the Navy stationed at an Air Force base in Iraq as a medic. He has access to computers and the Internet. His schedule for calling home is flexible. He sometimes calls his wife at very early hours her time. He knows the time difference is 12 hours. Naturally receiving calls this early in the morning disturbs her sleep, which she doesn't mind and tolerates because she loves him. I love him also, but she works a daytime job at a nursing home. If she was not working out of the home, I would not have a problem with it. I was wondering what your thoughts were. I was in the military too, and served proudly oversees, but I did not have Internet and phone calls were all but impossible. We had the US Mail.

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    Most people don't realize how dangerous sleep deprivation can really be. Yes, we want to support our troops, but we can't do that if we are hurt or not functioning properly. If he is a medic, he too has to have enough sleep to go on. It's a complex problem, to be sure! Is there a way she can call him? If it's a financial issue, I can tell you how to call for free. Just email me & I'll explain (I don't want to appear to be advertising for any particular product.) He may be calling her using the same method, & only have access to it at certain times. If he has a cell phone, they could figure out the best time for her to call him that would be more accommodating for both of their schedules? If the cost of calling Iraq isn't the issue, they might just have to curb the early morning calls, perhaps saving them for mornings she doesn't have to work, & can go right back to sleep. Like you said, they really are fortunate to be able to call each other at all. Although I never condoned our troops being over there & don't believe it's even a legal war, I do support our troops & want them all home safely asap! I hope this helps somehow, & you also have my thanks & appreciation for your service to your country!

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    I say it depends on how often he calls her early in the morning. Also, how flexible is his time? Doubt they sit on their butts all day and do nothing. You're right. He should respect her sleeping pattern some more. I'd also be worried about having a nurse who didn't get enough sleep administering drugs to patients. I take it you have already talked to your daughter. If she isn't taking your advice, then there is not much more you can do.

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    Their phone call schedule is not as "flexible as you might think. They have a job to do over there and even though there is a time difference, you should be more understanding. You or she never know if that will be the last phone call he gets to make. All of our lives have been disrupted due to our loved ones being overseas, however a late/early wee hour phone call is a small price to pay. Be supportive and understanding as this is just as stressful for him too.


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    First it is very sweet that you are still protecting your daughter, even though she is grown but this is strictly between your daughter and her husband. She is an adult who has the voice to use if she chooses to speak up to him and ask him to call at other times. It is up to her to be able to judge when she has reached her sleep deprivation limits as well. If my husband were over in Iraq and I loved him, I'd relish any phone calls irregardless of the time they come in. It's nice that you care about your daughter's physical health but her emotional health is equally important and that perhaps includes any conversations she can get with husband.:)

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    you sure can!

    It all depends on how much sleep she gets per day. I would worry if she doesn't get as much sleep as she needs.

    It also depends on how often he calls.

    Maybe you should try talking about it with your daughter. I am sure they can figure out a more convenient time for both of them to talk.

    He may have a reason, it would help to ask as well.


    nice to know he is doing ok.blessings

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