Don't men know how bad it hurt's their women when they look at porno?

Or do they just not care. Iv'e put up with it for five years now,and it's killing me.At first he said he would stop.(He did'nt) Now it's to the point where he say's i'm insaqure,and I have no faith in myself.he tell's me to get over it ! I have no where else to go,and if I do leave it means I have to quite school (GED at age 47)

I'v found pictures in his pocket,his car,I came home once to find him with his pants down wile on the computer. He makes excuses not to have sex with me.(its always my fault !)

Yet he says he loves me ,and hes never cheated on me,im insacure ,get over it.

We used to have a great sex life,now he tells me no,and theres more to a relationship then sex.Im lucky to get it once every three months. I love this man so much,but I also hate him for hurting me. His porn has made me feel ugly and want to hide!What can I do ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Porn can hurt a relationship. Either they wantt the person intheirr life to be more into play acting or they start to only respond to porn.

    This is a problem, a mental problem, addiction.

    You can try to get him help for the addiction, I know,that'ss easier said then done.

    What you can do for yourself is get to someone who can help YOU.

    As with all addictions, they have counselors that can help family members deal with what is going on. That and support groups. Don't be afraid to say you can't handle this alone.

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