Should I be a MP? (National Guard)?

I am joining the National Guard (prior NAVY) and am thinking about the MP MOS. I Know basically what it is, but I don't know if it is worth the next 6 years of my life. Any thoughts?


---What is your motivation for joining the National Guard and what do you expect from being an MP?---

My grandfather was a founder of the Louisville Metro Police Dept in KY, and my uncle followed in his footsteps. I have a family history of law enforcement, and considered it myself a couple of years ago. Only reason I didn't was due to my career as a restaurant manager.

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    MPs do a wide range of missions most of which involve some form of security. You can escort convoys, protect classified information, guard bases, guard prisoner to mention a few. MP stands for "Multi-Purpose".

    MPs are in high demand in todays world and you will probably get deployed within 3 years of joining the Guard.

    If you are looking for variety and adventure, MP is a good MOS.

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    What is your motivation for joining the National Guard and what do you expect from being an MP?

    National Guard does not mean weekend warrior anymore. You will be in Iraq and Afghanistan for 12 month rotations. The job of an Army MP sucks in my opinion, especially in combat. Does the National Guard even have MPs? I thought all the Combat Support jobs went to the Reserves.

    I would suggest something in the Information Technology field, like SatCom, or the Intelligence field. If you want to be a cop on the outside and think being an MP will give you a leg up, think again. Law Enforcement agencies prefer veterans but actually do not prefer MPs over other jobs because they have to first get rid of all your bad habits instead of having a clean slate. Infantry is actually a stronger MOS than MP in that regard.

    Source(s): U.S. Army MP 5 years, U.S. Army Reserve MP 6 years
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    I hope you like sand. You'll be headed to the beach. Almost like being in the Navy, minus the water.

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    Better than being on KP

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