How safe it is to ride on the public transportation system in the Philippines?

The reason why I asked this question is because I came across some information from the State Department's website that warned Americans against traveling on the Manila Light Rail System, public city buses, and jeepneys due to safety and security concerns due to lethal terrorist bombings that occurred in them in the past. So how safe is it to ride in those forms of transportation in Manila? And what about public jeepneys for the rest of the country besides the Philippine capital?

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    Nah man don't listen to those sites. Yeah some crap has happened in the past but that was years back. The MRT is safe to use but it's always packed and busy but really efficient and cheap. I would stay away from the buses as they are quiet confusing to use and trying to catch one is pretty hazardous as they tend to stop anywhere to pick passengers with cars speeding by them. Jeepneys aren't to bad as long as you know the route you are taking but be warned its not for everybody as they do get really full and your personal space doesn't exists during peak hour when they literally cram the cabin but that being said its a really cheap way to get afew km's. My advice is to use taxi's and the MRT since your a foreigner. Taxi's are really cheap and they take the hastle out of transit and good chances are you will get one that has aircon. Just be aware that some taxi drivers will try to over charge you by not turning on their meter if that is the case tell them to turn it on or simply get out and find another one.

    Other than that public transport in the Philippines is rarely hit by terrorist attacks. Don't go to far south ie Mindanao you'r asking for trouble down there if your white. Best of luck with the trip.

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    I'm sorry to see that many people have rated the LA transit system as either unsafe or unreliable. I have a very differant outlook on the service. Keeping in mind that Southern California is the largest metropolitan area in the country bar none, I find the bus and rail system to be really great with ever improving routes and schedules. The MTA in Los Angeles has both bus and rail lines covering every part of the city and at a fare of only $3.00 for an all day pass. In addition, several other municipal opperators serve various sections of the metro area. You mentioned, Culver city and Santa Monica, both of which have municipal city provided transit systems as well as being serviced by the primary MTA system. I think all are quite safe as well. Additionally, Metrolink regional rail can take a person to any of the five nehiboring counties. Nearly all buses and subways can accomadate bikes as well if a persons commute needs are better served that way. All in all LA has a great set up and some of the best prices anywhere!

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    1 decade ago

    That was a long time ago. I haven't had any trouble but it happens. At night the big problem is robbers.

    I seldom use a jeepney as a taxi is cheap enough and available. You can cross Manila for about $2.50.

    Anything you use is going to be nerve wracking at first. Until you learn the rhyme and reason of their traffic it is scary. Don't even think about driving for a while.

    Like any place there are places not to go but for the most part stay out of the bars and you are safe enough.

    Don't bring Dollars here . Use your check card and leave the cash at home. There is an atm everywhere. Don't flash your cash or your phone.

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    I don't think terrorism is viewed as a threat anymore. But Americans or other foreigners who squeeze into the MRT or LRT are in danger of having their pockets picked. They can also be victimized by scam artists who ask for help and either lead them somewhere where they can be held up, or sweet talk them into parting with their money. You wouldn't believe how gullible some foreigners can be when they are made to feel needed.

    Be careful with taxis, too. Observe the same precautions as when travelling in tourist traps or poorer parts of the world.

    Outside Metro Manila, jeepneys and other forms of possible transpo (such as tricycles and tri-sikads) are considered safe.

    Best strategy -- travel with a "local" or FIlipino friend.

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    if you are a tall white guy... please.. try not to ride the LRT or MRT station for god's sake! coz those are really packed and you are not so familiar with the place nor the people. They will try to squeeze you like a sponge and slash your pocket and get everything you have. It's also not healthy coz those are airconditioned and people sneeze all the time, sometimes they are sweaty too.. you are lucky if one of the passengers have leprosy or TB! its highly contagious! (remember its a 3rd world country, anything lethal is possible and I'm not even talking about the bombings that might possibly occur!)

    Jeepneys are less lethal than trains.. but don't go ride jeepneys in MANILA.. you can be safe in the province.. (i think?!) never ever ride anything public in MANILA. It's a very dangerous place. I assure you. If you are a foreigner and it's your first time here but you want to see MANILA just hire a van or get a hotel taxi. Don't just get random taxis coz they will try to increase the meter to 200% (been there! and i'm not even a foreigner)

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    As a Brit who has been many times, I'd say its not that bad. Sure - you have to watch out for pick pockets, but I have ridden Jeepneys and FX without any problems other than hitting my head on the low ceilings. As for Taxis - make sure the journey is on the meter and you'll be ok. Dont be flashy or draw attention to yourself and avoid the bad areas and you probably wont have any problems. I have found the vast majority of Filipinos to be very friendly and hospitable people.

  • Anonymous
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    LRT is packed like sardines. You will displace 3-4 filipinos on there. Don't do it. Never ride a jeepeny in Metro Manila because you run a high chance of getting robbed or knifed after they deliver you to some seedy location. You won't have a clue where you are. You are safest in Central Visayas in using all public transport.

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    Incidents of transport bombing, hijacking, robbery have led to that warning. However they are not common occurrence, it is a matter of chance if the public transport you are in has such fate. I can say that whenever I am in one, I mutter a short prayer and hope otherwise. It is safer in other parts of the country. Most of these cases happen in Manila.

  • Iris
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    safer than riding the subway in nyc. You know how many threats they received for bombing of the ny subway?? Also safer than riding a metrolink train. Have you heard the accidents they had? it had a collision about 2 months ago and 25 people died and 100 people injured..

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    public transportation?


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