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What is the law in NC on an agricultural business such as a corn maze using a name close to the same.?

What would be the law in NC covering where a separated man and woman (not divorced) had a corn maze together on the husbands land. The woman left and started her own corn maze 15 miles away and the original name was "Ah Shucks". She took the original name and the husband got another person to operate the existing corn maze under the new name of "Shucks". She had an attorney write him saying he was breaking the law by using that name an attempting to take her customers. I told him she was crazy and her attorney was only attempting to extract money from her, those were not the same names and there is nothing the law can do to stop him. Anyone have any legal knowledge of NC law covering this subject, if so how can I find it to print in document form.


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    You need to change the name. It contains "all or in part" the name of the other maze. HOWEVER, does she (or you) have the name copyrighted? If not get it and tell her to .........

    Where is your maze? I'm in Kannapolis.

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