Has anyone else ever been blinded by high beams in the day time or night time?

One of my pet peeves is inconsiderate drivers who defy all logic by driving around impervious to the fact that their high beams are blinding all oncoming traffic. You can flash your high beams at them, and they haven't got a clue as to why you are doing it. Do they actually think that the high beams are not so bright in the day time? The candle power is the same no matter the time of day or night. You practically need welders glasses to endure the glare from these lights.

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    It is a subject with which I am well acquainted.

    On one side, I drive a truck, and because of the height of my vehicle, people constantly flash their high beams at me, thinking I have my high beams on. It is only when I flash my high beams at them that they realize I only have my regular headlights on. I have my lights adjusted regularly, or I should say, checked regularly, and they are always aligned properly and at the proper height, so I cannot do anything about the people who think I am being a jerk. I don't turn my lights on during the day unless it is very stormy and I absolutely have to, because I am aware that I might blind someone. The only time I even use my high beams is when I am driving on a very quiet road and the road is wide open ahead of me, and then I dim them as soon as I can see someone approaching. I even dim them when I go through drive-up windows, as they will light up the vehicle in front of me like it's daylight inside. I actually had a police officer thank me for doing that :)

    It has been amusing at times, however. Once, I pulled up behind a parked car at the grocery store about five minutes before it closed for the night. Just before I turned my lights off, they illuminated the car in front of me and a naked rear end going up and down--since I could see boxer shorts and jeans, I can only assume there was another person in the car with the naked bum person.

    On a sadder note, I have a friend who was blinded by high beams from a regular old car one night and who hit someone when she couldn't see. The person she hit broke his leg, and it was fortunate he was not more badly injured. He was on a skate board, dressed all in black, and cutting across a busy road, and she could not see him at all because she was completely blinded by the oncoming car. Two things were lucky: one, she thought she saw some movement, and slammed on the brakes, which probably saved the kid's life; the other was that she was being followed at a distance by a sheriff's deputy, and he saw what blinded her and what caused the accident. She was not held responsible for the accident, and the deputy called another one on the radio and had him pick up the car with its high beams on. The driver was a grown woman who was driving at night with her high beams on while talking to a friend on the phone. She was the one ticketed for causing the accident, and her insurance company had to pay the medical bills. My poor friend was just tremendously grateful that it was medical bills instead of funeral costs.

    I honestly think many people don't pay any attention at all to which lights they are driving with. I see it all the time, and because I am so sensitive about my own situation, it annoys me. I remember once I flashed my lights at someone who had their high beams on, and he got so angry with me he made a U-turn and followed me to a parking lot to chew me out. When I told him that high beams are not intended for driving around town, he told me he can see better with them on, and that it is none of my business which lights he chooses to drive with. That was before my friend's accident, and I often wonder if his response would have been different if it had been his friend who had been hurt...

    As for driving with them on during the day, I think the whole driving with your lights on during the day thing is ridiculous. It tends to go through phases of popularity where I live, and we'll go without if for several months, and then suddenly everyone is driving with their lights on. I had one person tell me that it makes her feel safer to drive with her lights on all the time, even in brightest sunlight, because she knows people can see her. I told her that since she drives a bright red car, she can probably be seen just fine without them. She looked at me like I was insane.

    And one more thing--no one today seems to know what all those old driving signals mean, like flashing your high beams at someone to tell them theirs are on, or blinking your lights on and off to tell someone at night that they are driving completely without lights. I saw a man on a motorcycle give a hand signal for a right turn (left arm raised at a 90 degree angle so his hand was pointing straight up) recently, and the driver in the truck in front of me thought it was an obscene gesture and started honking and yelling. At the next light I pulled alongside him and asked what he thought the man had been doing (I was right behind him, so less than about 15 feet from the motorcyclist, and could clearly see the signal), and he told me the man was making a rude gesture. I asked him if he was unaware that that is the way to give a hand signal for a right turn, and he looked at me like I had made it up. I asked him if he had read the driver's handbook, and he told me, "No one reads that anymore--it's a bunch of stupid stuff you don't need to know when you drive."

    Go figure...

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    It's the WORST!

    I hate it probably just as much as you do Paul.

    It blinds my eyes, and I'm always shifty on the road, causing me more danger, and harm to others. I do flash my own lights at them as well, but that sure in hell doesn't get the message across to their heads.

    These stupid people shouldn't have their license in the first place if you ask me. Im only 17 and yet I have more common sense then these full grown adults.

    Highbeams are useless unless driving on a long dark road.

    I think it should be located in a different spot, far away from the lowbeams.

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    Wow Paul, What great answers you are receiving. I feel the lads have pretty much summed it all up for us. I feel the same way except I'm on the other end of the issue. I drive the SUV and I am the one always being cursed at, lights flashed at, and the whole road rage problems. LOL I don't blame a one of you. I just can;t help my problem. My husband checks the headlights on a regular basis. I am just up in a Ford Explorer 4 wheel drive and am stuck in the middle of the argument. best of answers. I am so glad you all got to vent though. :)

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    I can't believe someone else has this same gripe! For years I've been grumbling to anyone who will listen (no one) about being blinded by high beams from behind me AND from oncoming traffic! At first it was the SUVs, They are much taller than my little sporty car, & I have to put all my mirrors in as far as they'll go, just to keep from being blinded. When they are oncoming, I have to hold up something to block them out, or have my retinas burned out. But I've noticed for the last couple of years that now it is just about every car out there over a certain year. Why do people NEED headlights as bright as the surface of the SUN?! Are they going 4-wheeling in a jungle? The highway has lights! So do our streets. What is this fascination with bright headlights? As you mentioned, when they're coming toward you, if you flick your highbeams at them, they don't respond. I think we're a dying breed, Paul. I don't think they teach driving etiquette to kids learning to drive. Maybe they should put it back in the schools. I learned to drive defensively, & always be considerate to the other drivers. In the fast lane (FAR LEFT lane) & someone comes up behind you going faster than you? Move over! In one of the "slower" lanes? Don't TAILGATE, get in the fast lane! USE your friggin TURN signals! We can't read your MIND, & probably wouldn't want to! Drive like a somewhat intelligent human being~ check your MIRRORS before you change lanes! I'll probably get thumbs down for this, but when someone from another country learns to drive here, DON'T go to another foreigner, learn from an OLDER person that grew up here, & knows how to drive. Don't keep perpetuating the problem. Maybe it's false pride, ego, stupidity, etc., that makes people drive like lunatics, but they don't look so "cool" when the paramedics are scraping them up off of the asphalt. Sorry this was so long, but this subject just steams me! Thanks for the chance to vent!

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    I have to agree with you on this one & some of the newer lights make it impossible on very dark stretches of highway with the glare ☺

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    Yes it annoys me also....Especially the cars with the coloured lights, these on high beam are bleedin dangerous

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    It is dangerous at worse and painful to the eyes/head at best! That and Tailgaters are my main irritations!

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    I especially hate those blueish halogen ones. ERG!

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