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Good Travel Tips for an EXTENDED trip to Europe & Asia

I am considering/in the planning stages of taking a trip through Europe and Asia during the 2009 year.

Rather than this being a hectic & rushed, short vacation, I am intending for this to be an extended leisurely trip (at least 3 - 4 months (if not longer) through Europe & 1 - 2 months in Asia)

Because this is not only going to be my first "solo trip" without my parents & family (yes, I know, that's embarrassing!!) but also my first time traveling internationally to a foreign country/countries, with the exception of going to India with my family, to visit relatives, I would really appreciate any help, advice or travel tips that I can get from those familiar with travel in Europe and Asia,

In addition to the usual/classic European & Asian travel destinations (France, Japan Germany, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Holland/Netherlands, Italy, Spain, etc.) I am also interested in visiting many "off-the-beaten-path" places like Latvia, Lithuania, Thailand, Belarus, Malaysia, Poland and Ukraine.

The tentative list of all the countries I'm interested in visiting on this trip are:


England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Monaco, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kaliningrad, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Turkey, Cyprus


Japan, China, Mongolia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan

I am looking for advice on the best months to go where (with an estimated travel range between January & August of 2009, as I have to finish my travel and be back in the US by beginning of August 4-5, 2009 at the latest), what things to pack for an extended trip, the best & safest, yet most reasonably priced hostels, inns, or hotels, and ways to get around within or between any particular locales,

What kinds of clothing and other supplies should I pack and what stuff can I leave behind and just buy there?? For example do I need to

pack enough tampons/pads for the WHOLE trip or can I just take a few, or enough for a short time and get the rest in Europe and Asia??

What clothing should I pack? What about other supplies like toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, etc?? What, and how much do I need to pack of those??

Also, except for a 3 years of high school Spanish & a semester or so in college - a lot of which I have now forgotten, I am do not (yet!) speak the language(s) of any of the countries I'll be visiting, so I will be taking along a talking translator with languages for most, if not all the countries I'm going to. But would that be one-sided? I mean if I put what I want to say in the translator, and they translate it, how will I get the response of the person I'm speaking to?

Nevertheless, I would still like to get some tips from anyone who is familiar with the above named countries, and can help me.


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    I think you will need a lot more time if you really want to do all the countries you mentioned, unless you really want to see only the capital cities of each country.

    I have friends who traveled Europe for 8 months and they did:

    France, Italy, Spain,Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Czeck Republic, Hungary, England, Ireland, Austria, Morocco.

    Other friends of mine traveled for 3 months and went to:

    France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany but could only do parts of each country.

    So, I suggest you either choose between Europe or Asia or you plan more time!

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    Hi! First of all, when travelling in the US and in Europe, I don't think you need to worry to much about safety (at least not when you are two). I am a girl, and travelled around the world on my own at the age of 22. I avoided most of Asia (mostly because of the language barrier). My trip went from Europe (I'm scandinavian) to Malaysia and then Australia-NZ-Fiji-US(California)-Guatema... Rica-Equador-Galapagos-Equador-Peru-Braz... I had a great time. Travelling alone gave me the opportunity to meet loads of people I souldn't have met otherwise. While in Latin America I figured it would be smart both language-wise and security-wise ot travel in a group, so for my trip down central america I hopped on to GAP adventures'(see sources) "Volcano Trail" and joined another of their tours to go to the Galapagos islands (really good and definetly recommended even with the HUGE price-tag!). Another tour agent is Intrepid. Both of these have trips to suit different budgets and can also make the travel part of the experience if that is what you want. Travelling through China you might want to hop on one of their tours. I've heard from good friends that China is not really that easy to travel in (not as used to the tourists and language is a constant battle) whereas Vietnam is a lot easier. For Europe I'd say get a railway pass and go around on your own. That way you get to see the places YOU want to see, and not what the touragent want you to see. As Europe is easy and fairly safe to travel in, you shouldn't waste your money on a tourgroup here. Check out some locations and get tips from people about where to go and what to see... I would like to highlight a couple of places I visited that I think you should at least know about and consider visiting: - Pulau Tioman, Malaysia: A small island with great snorkeling and diving opportunities, nice small, secluded and not overpopulated beaches (you can have one for yourself if you want to) and a very laid back attitude. I stayed in the "abc village". Only foot-paths, no cars, and small lodges and backpackers places each with one restaurant. Travelling around for as long as 6 months you need some breaks, this is that place! Stay for a week, and feel the athmosphere. - Robinson Crusoe Island: If going to Fiji, this is the Island you want to visit. Check out their web page. - New Zealand: Especially Nelson and the Abel Tasman National Park. Nelson is a really nice city and Abel Tasman is a coastal park with a lot of different wildlife. Kayaking around makes you feel in sync with nature and if going at the right time you can see the small seal babys learning to swim! (But the whole of NZ is worth a visit, try to spend at least 2 or 3 weeks there. If you can, take one week of the time in Australia and add it to the NZ time. Time in NZ is better spent than time in Australia!) -Sailtrip from Cairns, Australia. Experience snorkeling and diving like nowhere else. I went on the Vagabond sailboat which gives a very intimate experience with a great crew! -Galapagos: Like I said before: AMAZING, you need to check it out! And you should do your best to get into the water snorkeling here too, the underwater experience is just as good as the above water part... OK, I think this is enough from me, but just remember to have some fun too, do not only focus on seeing everything, but spend some time on just taking in the spirit of the places you visit! Have a good trip!

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    You left India especially southindia including states Tamilnadu and Kerala. Its heaven man.

    Read about India before you travel.

    If you need hotel information try

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  • Dud D
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    Under Asia

    Please add Sri Lanka.

    visit my website.

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