Who else thinks 9/11 was an inside job

Now I'm not trying to start any debates here... But I once saw a documentary called "Loose Change" which explained some theories about 9/11. I also saw this video:


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I'm pretty convinced at this point.


Ahahahaha. The government brainwashes people.

Update 2:

Ahahahaha. The government brainwashes people.

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    9/11 was at least in part a conspiracy.

    Col. Robert Bowman summarized it well with these words

    "… at least they made it impossible for those planes to be intercepted. If our government had merely did nothing, and I say that as an old interceptor pilot—I know the drill, I know what it takes, I know how long it takes, I know what the procedures are, I know what they were, and I know what they’ve changed them to. If our government had merely done nothing, and allowed normal procedures to happen on that morning of 9/11, the Twin Towers would still be standing and thousands of dead Americans would still be alive. My sisters and brothers, that is treason."

    - Dr. Robert Bowman Lt. Col., USAF, ret., Decorated air combat veteran; head of Star Wars programs under Presidents Ford & Carter; Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech; leading expert on national security.

    The question "who was behind it" is more complicated. It certainly was not President Bush although he does know was.

    Understanding motivation for 9/11 requires an understanding of what the President's father, George H.W. Bush, meant by "New World Order", in this words "a big idea". In short, "new world order" means global government. There are so many theories about new world order that people overlook what is happening NOW. That is, gradual implementation of global government and dismantling of national sovereignty. I discussed it in more detail in my answer to this question:-


    Learn about the Council on Foreign Relations and how globalist organizations control foreign policy. See:-



    Read from the CFR's web site and its publications (including North American integration) and connect the dots. It is patently obvious that CFR wants global government. Read from the CFR's own web site:


    The global government proponents are not exactly shy about their ideology. Freedom and democracy are not in the plans. The vision is similar to communism, with wealthy elites and corporations controlling the government. The new world order crowd is well on their way to success. We are already half way there with the WTO. How laughable it is that most people think that North American union is a myth yet there is a draft bill in Congress opposing it (HR40) .

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are major impediments to global government. An excuse was needed to begin the dismantling thereof, and 9/11 delivered that. How convenient was it that a single event also served (indirectly) to induce us to accept illegal war.

    If the official excuse that air defense and intelligence failures were honest mistakes, then why were people at the top not held accountable? If the government was a corporation, heads would have rolled and there would have been mass-firings, including the CEO. That did not happen after 9/11. Rather, people responsible for "mistakes" were promoted. The first order of business should have been addressing the reason for the failures and firing many people. Instead, the government chose to start the gradual and on-going undermining of the Constitution and creation of a surveillance state in America.

    There is a great deal of compelling evidence for government foreknowledge in the 9/11 attacks. You can read about some of it here:-


    It was not the whole government that was involved. Rather, it was criminal elements inside the government and their associates outside the government. Most members of the government were honestly deceived, threatened into silence, or frightened into self-censorship.

    The corporate main stream media protects the criminals by muzzling the 9/11 story and painting anyone questioning it as a radical moron so as to divide the people and discourage any questioning of the official story. I discussed that in more detail in my answer to this question:-


    As 9/11 was EXPLOITED to kick the global government agenda into high gear, it is more fruitful to focus 9/11 learning on "why" and "who benefited" rather than the "how was it done". We may never know how it was done because much of the evidence was illegally destroyed.

    To inspire thought about "why", research the neo-conservative think tank "Project for a New American Century". Read its 2000 manifesto, "Rebuilding America's Defenses, Strategy Forces and Resources for a New Century", describing their geopolitical aspirations. It seems eerily familiar to what we see happening now. This page contains a summary as well as a link to the full text:

    (See my Yahoo profile for the the link to the PNAC Manifesto. I am limited to 10 links in this answer)

    Learn who the members were and their ties to and positions in the Bush administration and the CFR (for starters, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Scooter Libby, Richard Perle, John Bolton, William Kristol .. ) Is the word neo-con starting to jump out at you? Don't let that mislead - there are neo-liberal ties to 9/11 as well.

    Also watch Mike Ruppert's film about peak oil, geopolitical motivations for 9/11 criminality in government, evidence of foreknowledge and exploitation of 9/11:-

    "The Truth and Lies of 9/11"

    (available at Google Video and linked on my Yahoo Answers profile comment)

    Ruppert only briefly connects the dots to discuss global government then the film ends abruptly. Watch for that, otherwise you may mistakenly interpret his message as meaning the wars are only about peak oil.

    Ruppert also discusses Zbigniew Brzezinski, foreign policy adviser to Obama. Brzezinski's ideology (documented in his book "The Grand Chessboard") is eerily familiar to that of PNAC. Look up Brzezinski's connections to PNAC members, Council on Foreign Relations, and globalist and traitor, David Rockefeller.

    Both Brzezinski and PNAC were prophetic about the need for a false flag operation to kick off the war plans. 9/11 served their geopolitical agenda marvelously. [It was intentional that I did not pluralize the word "agenda" in that last sentence.].

    For a full understanding of 9/11, it is very important to know the flaws of the 9/11 Commission and its investigation. For that, I recommend watching David Ray Griffin's speech in this film:-

    "9/11 Commision Report: Ommissions and Distortions"

    (available at Google Video and linked on my Yahoo Answers profile comment)

    To assist with analyzing the 9/11 Commission Report, use the report mirror at "911 Research" site linked above. The mirror addresses the problem that the official report online is not presented in a way easy to evaluate (hmm). The mirror ties it all together with hyperlinks and commentary to note contradictions and omissions. For convenience, I linked the mirror on my Yahoo Answers profile comment.

    Families of victims of 9/11 documented frustrations with the 9/11 Commission in their film:-

    "Press for Truth"

    (available at Google Video and linked on my Yahoo Answers profile comment)

    Don't buy the myth that is just kids, kooks, and hippies questioning the official account of 9/11. There are high profile people questioning 9/11. See this list for a sampling:-

    Patriots Question 9/11


    Even some 9/11 Commissioners have spoken publicly about obstruction to their investigation. Surprisingly, that story was covered by main stream media (a rarity for anything that questions the official account of 9/11). See:-


    If you do your own research, be careful. Government disinformation sites exit all over the web, designed to throw you off the trail. They discredit truth seeking by putting out ridiculous theories that are easily debunked (e.g. the "no planes theory" ). There are paid agents all over the web posting as users in forums like this one. Some of my Yahoo contacts discussed that issue recently about the web site www debunking911 com (linked above by another user), in this question:-


    Rather than "debunk" an entertainment film, I suggest the better approach be independent reading of serious 9/11 research. I recommend this well-sourced site:-


    They have a mirror site (same URL but .com rather than .net). I believe the .com site is the backup site and not always updated immediately.

    Arab terrorism is real. The terrorists hate us because of our foreign policy, not because of our freedom. Despite shoddy port and border security, we have not been attacked here since 2001. Hmm. Why then is dismantling civil liberties more important than securing borders and ports? For ports, the reason is there is no real threat. For borders, the reason is the criminals pulling the strings in government WANT illegal immigration. Dissolving borders is necessary for North American union and later for new world order. That political parties blame each other for failing on illegal immigration is just pageantry to forestall action. Both sides want illegal immigration because both sides have been hijacked by globalist interests.

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    Nobody wants to believe it was all an 'inside job': It's just too horrible to consider.. However, after reviewing the facts, a few things remain that suggest some government dishonesty, the most salient being the destruction of Building 7. The decision to 'pull' WTC 7 was admitted to by Larry Silverstein. This fact has led a lot of people to the very unpalatable conclusion that the entire 9/11 disaster was a false flag operation.

    It may take a new administration to get to the bottom 9/11.

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    Yes. Unfortunately I do, & not because of a youtube video, and certainly not because I want to believe in conspiracies of any kind.

    There are people who don't believe the US govt had anything to do with it, but took advantage of the situation to start a war to divert attention away from the failing economy, pentagon financial audit fraud, and to make themselves rich.

    There are people who believe the US govt planned and executed the whole thing as a false flag operation using deniable intelligence assets -(al-queda & mossad) to implement the neo-conservative plan for the 21st century: The infamous Project for a New American Century - the bible of megalomaniacs.

    Then there are people who believe the US govt had nothing to do with it, that it was planned and executed by former CIA assets (al-queda) who were, up until 1999, busy helping General Wesley Clark defeat the Serbs in Bosnia and protecting its Muslim population.

    The last one is the one which makes the least sense, considering all the events that transpired before, during, and after 9/11. Hell, it's now been discovered that the hijackers were using government issued credit cards - you really can't get any more specific than that to support the case for a conspiracy.

    Quite honestly, my life is complicated and full enough already without delving into the murky world of false flags, neo cons, neo fascists and megalomaniacs. Given the choice I'd rather not spend any of my time ruminating about these events, but then again I consider myself a moral person, and anyone with a conscience, and senses enough put a logical progression together has to say *something* to put things in perspective. So here I am.

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    I think it would be impossible to carry out had Americans followed through with their responsibilities. It's too easy to ignore a threat and allow it to happen. Either way the "intelligence community" took the blame for it, via "intelligence failures"--Bush administration called them stupid. There are persons within the USA that have international interests--which is a big problem. I think there was assistance within the USA, but not necessarily the Bush administration--or if someone or someones within the administration turned a blind eye--it was NOT all of them. It's a Patriot's responsibility to locate all enemies that cause loss of American life or property, whether they are domestic or foreign (that includes foreign interests within the USA itself, as well). edit: Either way, this issue belongs in a formalized setting like a military tribunal or case. I'm an American, it's my right to request one. Too many Americans were killed, to allow any type of question continue on about the huge losses to the Nation's people. There are persons who believe the Bush administration had involvement--that's a grievance--let's use the forum designated for this purpose. edit again: Between Bush administration calling the intelligence community stupid "intelligence failures" and accusations of involvement with the planning and execution of that day's tragedy, it's understandable they would just ignore the theories. I don't think the USA military and spy agencies are afraid of the theories, but they should really re-consider that the 9-11 Commissions Report certainly has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese.

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    Definitely an inside job, or at least set up on the inside.

    You sure have some really closed minded answers. Makes me wonder who the ones are that are wearing the tin foil hats. Nothing like being too smug to question the things that affect our lives. The result of this particular event has now cost over a million Iraqi, and 4,120+ US lives to this point. I think it's pretty important to know the truth, and not just believe what were told to believe.

    There is an agenda at work...Question everything.

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    I'm going to yes, I do believe the US Government planned and executed this plan to create an excuse to go to war.

    It wasn't the first time these sort of things had been considered. In the 1960's the Pentagon had a plan to shoot down a US jetliner filled with US citizens, blame Cuba and then use it as a reason to invade.

    More recently, one of the plans entertained at a meeting presided over by Dick Cheney was for the US to manufacture Iranian gunboats and order navy SEALS dressed in Iranian uniforms to attack US ships in the Strait of Hormuz.

    Look out for 'terrorist' attacks on one of the oil shipping lanes anytime soon.

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    Me, and about 110 Million other Americans *(according to Scripps-Howard News service, as reported in Time Mag.)

    According to that same study, 84% of America doesn't believe the official story. That's about 250 million people who don't buy the BS, yet we still haven't gotten a complete investigation.

    So if anyone here DOES believe the official story, congratulations! You are actually dumber than 84% of Americans!

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    Loose Change is good eye-opener & makes people start to think twice about the dodgey information coming at us from the US gov't & Media.

    once you become more open-minded you start to see many discrepancies....

    the WTC history is interesting - did you know it wasn't actually 'wanted' anymore??

    the WTC was no longer profitable at all.

    its construction had already begun before the use of asbestos was banned in 1971, so spray-on asbestos fire retardant was used up to the 40th floors (64th floor in the North Tower) & a different insulating material was used for the remaining floors.

    the owners (the Port Authority) were required to remove all the asbestos but the just scaffolding alone would cost more than $1 million.

    so then permission to have the towers demolished was refused due to the deadly toxic asbestos dust that would cover NY.





    the cost of the alternative, to dismantle it floor by floor, was simply ridiculous.

    despite all this, Larry Silverstein decided to lease the WTC six months before 9/11 & insured the buildings against 'terrorist' attacks. he put a down-payment of $124 million for the 99 year lease (although he persuased investors to put up most of the cash!), then claimed for two separate attacks (2 planes) & was rewarded $4,6 BILLION.

    secondly, the fact that Silverstein admitted on national television that he gave permission to demolish WTC7 is enough evidence for me that 9/11 was planned. to demolish a 47 floor building neatly like that needs enormous preparation & therefore he must have known about it before 9/11:


    Youtube thumbnail


    * note: he said "pull it" not "pull them" (as in the firemen)

    there's so much that points to an inside job that it's pretty stupid of people NOT to see it. the problem is, the Americans are emotionally charged by 9/11, whereas the rest of the world can see it more objectively & see it for what it was - an excuse to invade Iraq.

    secondly, the Media is either owned, or controlled by, the very people who did this. therefore the American news is packed with lies - told by pretty tv presenters with big smiles.

    scroll down & compare the graphs in this link:


    shocking, eh?





    MANDY - on September 10th, Rumsfeld officially announced that $2.3 TRILLION had disappeared from the Pentagon.

    would YOU keep your mouth shut for a few million??

    well, we're not talking 'nobodies' here of course, the people involved had a lot to lose if they went to the Press...

    but even if they DID go to the Press, what good would that do if the Press are also being silenced?? (see my links above)

    if you stand up against the FBI, you die. simple as that.

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    Psyops warfare, control both sides and release half truth information so the country fights about it never coming to a complete decision. That right there tells you it was an inside job. They did the same thing about JFK. You'll never really know but you might as well assume the worst. That is usually the case. JFK was assassinated because he brought about legislation to end the Federal Reserve. The same as Lincoln and Alexander Hamilton who had 3 attempts upon his life. All 3 wanted to get rid of a national bank that controlled the currency, all 3 were either assassinated or attempted assissinations. JFK passed the legislation and at this moment the fed should be no more and the treasury should be porinting silver certificates. They just aren't disobeying the executive order that he placed. Hmmmmmmm. Nah not a conspiracy though. It does get worse though check this little history story out.

    Prescott Bush (current pres grandafather) - investigated for laundering money for hitler during WW2 (treason he was a senator)

    George Bush 1 - Investigated by hoover for assassinating JFK as head of the CIA. His excuse "must of been another George Bush as head of the CIA" He later became head of the CIA......? Trained Al Queda during his reign as head of the CIA.

    A man with the last name HUNT (an admitted CIA assassin) was accused by a magazine for leading the assassination of JFK. He sued the Magazine and LOST because of the overwhelming evidence pointing to him actually doing it (he got caught lying in his defence at least 3 times). Bush 1 was head of the CIA at the time remember.

    Bush 2 - As President country is attacked by the group daddy trained. Commits 35 violations of Constitutional law (treason) and International law (war crimes just like Hitler the man grand daddy laundered money for) Shreds the Constitution, lies to get us into a war, claims executive priveledge for Congressional oversite. Makes executive orders to declare martial law in the US and has the fed offer adjustable rate mortgages promising 5-6 year hold on interest rates. It lasted 6 months and then collapsed the housing market. One of the stipulations of martial law is in the event of economic collapse.

    Congress offers to bail out fannie mai and freddie mac and that will cause a collapse. Making it look like the Democratic Congresses fault for starting the problem to begin with.

    Who says 9-11 wasn't an inside job? That because you are STUPID! You can verify most of these FACTS in the library of Congress if you would like but I refuse to post links to this anymore because I am tired of leading sheep to the water.


    No one wonders how Henry Kissinger (wanted for war crimes in over 100 countries was the first "investigator" in the 9-11 commission? Come on people seriously please tell me we are not that retarded.

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    Its obvious except to the sheeple and the completely un-informed.


    Check out this list of peeps calling BS on the official story. They R high up peeps in military & intelligence.


    Loose Change is a good attention grabber. U should go beyond that with your search. Try this site


    Watch this video about the demolitions.


    That will make U even more suspicious than U are now.

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    Perhaps a better question would be whether or not persons believe the official accounting of what happened that day.

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