I am looking for the poem to give a basket of wine to the bride at her shower,similar to the candle poem.?

This is for a bridal shower. It is similar to the household item poem and the candle poem. Each bottle represents another stage of the marriage.

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    You wrap each in the color of tulle specified -

    Remember to change the names of the bride and groom.

    Wedding Night- (white tulle)

    The night you have dreamed of is finally here.

    The future surrounds you with hope and yet fear.

    You’ve wanted so long to find your mate.

    Sip this wine and toast this date.

    The night is meant for you to share.

    Enjoy each other a perfect pair.

    First Dinner party- (gold tulle)

    As you open your home to all of your friends to entertain and eat.

    It’s a place for old friends to catch up and new ones to meet.

    When the night is over two great hosts can share this bottle of wine.

    But don’t sit down yet pull up your sleeves because now it’s clean up time.

    First fight- (black tulle)

    When fights occur as they sometimes will and tempers are steaming hot.

    Pour a glass take a sip and be thankful for what you’ve got.

    For in a marriage if everyone agreed it would certainly be a bore.

    And by asking for my friends hand Jordan’s surely in for more!

    Christmas Eve- (red and green tulle)

    A wise man turned to a friend and said wine is better than beer.

    And now is the season for friends and fun and lots of holiday cheer.

    So pop the cork and relax a bit and when the night is through,

    kiss goodnight, close your eyes and Santa will be good to you.

    First Anniversary- (cream tulle)

    Tonight you’ve been married a year one wonders where the time goes.

    No longer are you newlyweds, soon you’ll be pro’s.

    I hope the days have found you both in good health and spirit.

    Keep saying I love you one always needs to hear it.

    Now toast this date known as the first but certainly not the last.

    And as you build your future don’t ever forget the past.

    1st Baby-(pink and blue tulle)

    The news that a baby will soon share your life will make you a mother not only a wife.

    You’ll see it through good times and sometimes bad.

    Leslie the loving mother, and Jordan the dearest dad.

    Now Jordan must drink this one alone, and Leslie with empty glass.

    Sit back and relax nine months they quickly pass!

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    here is one, or i can write one for you if you like im a published author of poetry books. but here is one i found.

    The Candle

    The candle is a master at love.

    He stands tall, and presents himself

    before his lover.

    He kindles a divine spark in the heart

    and sets the core of his being

    ablaze with devotion.

    The temperature rises:

    it burns him with sweet fire.

    He begins to melt away

    in thought of her;

    he sighs in hot wisps

    that rise on the air.

    As he thinks of his beloved

    he weeps away precious tears,

    for he soon comes to realize

    one of love's mysteries:

    that truly to love,

    the lover must disappear.

    Thus, his hardened self yields to liquid,

    then to fire, then to light.

    He brightens her face by his feeble flame --

    and she calls it romantic;

    he grants her a moment's peace

    in fighting off the shadows of the night.

    And though he burns his life away,

    what he is now, is his lover's delight --

    for he has found the immortal Way:

    her happiness is his happiness.

    By John Wiegley

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