Allyuh...ah just get this..and it set meh back some years. Just felt like sharing.?

If you were a child of the 80s and early 90s in Trinidad, you might remember:

- giving someone and receiving a meggie

- collecting empty tic-tac containers for the smell, filling them with water then drinking it

- you filled empty orchard cartons with air and jumped on it to make a popping noise to scare someone

- you screamed at the faintest sound of thunder

- getting licks with a guava whip or a wooden ruler with a metal strip on the side

- when push point pencils were in style

- when stationery on a whole was in style, nice erasers were prized: scented and colourful, sharpeners shaped like hamburgers or mechanical pencils and pilot pens, fine-point preferably

- when 'Bata' was not in style but you had to wear one anyway

- carrying ah lunch kit with a thermos flask inside

- reading Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys, Judy Blume, Sweet Dreams or Sweet Valley High.

- wearing VERY ying, very short, very tight khaki pants to school

- wearing socks with frills

- wearing panties with frills on the back

- the Coca-Cola yo-yo craze

- how handwriting was a big thing in primary school among girls, you wrote extremely small and extremely neat with care

- at some point in time, having to ask someone or be asked:

a) if yuh father is a glass maker

b) if yuh have ants in yuh pants

c) if yuh monkey glands acting up

- you loved pencil cases and you wanted a nice one shaped like a giant pencil with a zip on one end

- holding hands with a another girl or boy to go somewhere on an outing (everybody, find ah partner!) meant that he/she was your good friend

- you were a Brownie or a Cub Scout, no one was quite sure what 'Red Cross' people did except you called them if somebody fell down

- having your skin stained for days with iodine after you fell

- boys making guns out of paper and shooting each other

- saying 'ABC, ketch ah crab, put it in ah paper bag' to some First years or Second years

- you read 'Lucky Dip' and West Indian Readers

- pennycools costing 25 cents

- getting excited over the sight of three red beans sprouting on a wet piece of toilet paper in an old mayonaise jar

- eating condensed milk from the can, tomato balls, paradise plums, chilibibi and planter's snacks

- wearing poppies on Poppy Day was a fashion statement

- cheese paste sandwiches with food colouring on Kiss bread cut in triangles

- playing 'in ah fine castle, do you hear my sissy-o', 'I lost my glove on a Saturday night and found it Sunday morning...'

- the smell of whitening your shoes

- in primary school, you methodically collected eraser shavings

- Netball, Rounders and cricket was serious business!

- reciting time tables

- you played catch, red-light/green-light, there's a brown girl in the ring and hand clapping games till your palms stung

- a re-fashioned balloon was called ah chikey-chong

- You been to Cleverwoods at least twice for a class outing.

- Who had the most and prettiest Barbie dolls used to run tings.

- you made those fortune telling finger toys from copy book paper

- You used to recite the National pledge everyday, 'I solemnly swear to dedicate my life to the service of my God and my country...' But you cyar remember it now!

- having to religiously support some curry-q, bar-b-q or chinee-q for the school

- singing parang in a school Christmas concert or a folk song, 'mangoes...mangoes..'

- if you went to Catholic primary school: prayers, prayers and more prayers.

Teens of the 90s (early to mid) in Trinidad, you might remember:

- fellas got an earring too-just one

- football limes and Intercol

- no matter where you went to school, Trinity College seemed so far away

- your identity was defined by your school, there were girls and then there were 'Convent girls' (be that good, bad or indifferent)

- red band maxis and their hard pong

- you hoarded coloured ink pens

- you stressed about SBAs in Form 4 and 5

- if you travelled home, you had to lime first before you got there

- CXC lessons and the lessons' lime

- boys hitting school desks to start a chanting session

- maxis and maxi conductors were the scourge of Secondary school in these days, parents were always complaining about them

- you knew at least one girl who was 'dealing' with a maxi-man Knight Rider, Street Hawk and Mc Gyver

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  • Nika
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    1 decade ago
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    OMG! Wow. Talk about memories. Everything from shoe whitening to reciting tables to Lucky Dip to INTERCOL!! Lol! And de CXC lessons lime was always boss! And my best friend used to travel to come to school by maxi...and that was always my daily soap fix yes.

    Remember those snap things that we used to get around Divali time? Small white little paper things with gunpowder or something in them? We would throw them on the ground and watch it spark...could do those for hours. And that liquidy plastic stuff that came in tubes and you put it on the end of a tiny straw and blew it up to make a bubble/balloon thing. I found those things here in the Mexican grocery store recently and the boys had a ball! Until my husband found the plastic goop in little spots on the back of his WHITE truck! lol!

    And you know this is my time frame we talkin here because my kids learned to read from Lucky Dip (but let's not forget the dark red book with 'dan is the man in the van' eh), can make chikey-chongs, regularly demand green cheepaste sandwiches, have all done the red bean experimet and have their own collection of Enid Blytons and Hardy Boys books!

    But SBA's and Iodex (and Dettol)...*shudder*

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  • girl.... that bring back sooo many memories. I am a definite child of the eighties. i also remember:

    Alladin lunch kits with the thermus up in d top.

    green canvas bag with the two gold buckles.

    socks pulled up to your knee.

    ringing people door bell and running!

    lol @ the red beans growing on the paper in the old mayo bottle...i wonder if Frigg could try that with her mangoes? lol

    secondary school all the girls would be hitting the desk for the chanting session looooooool.

    and remember ah small maxi with at least 20 children hanging out of it. they sitting all on the window because it have the loudest music!!! or better yet....storming dat same maxi!

    but let me ask... chicky chong wasnt ah kite made out of copy book paper? and chuck chuck was d balloon?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Caribean people have so much in common. I can relate to 95% of what you have mentioned. The girls sunday dresses always have two belt like things at the sides which were tied at the back to make a bow, we boys use to pull these bows and then tied them to the back of the chair or church bench, and it was hell for them girls to get up. Guava whip was mi greatess enemy, an pelting stones was an art, mango trees was the favourite target. bust head was badge of honour among boys.

    Dem were de dais, ah don't tink our kids are having much fun now.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I remember behaving bad in school and Daddy find out and put me to kneel down on ah grater in the sun while holding up two big stone! Wha happen to hop scotch, moral and scootch girl?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    WOW - as a child of the eighties I'd loved to watch Mc Guyver and Knight Rider.

    Just yesterday I caught my 2yr old daughter trying to pop her juice-box!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thnaks for sharing. "you knew at least one girl who was 'dealing' with a maxi-man Knight Rider, Street Hawk and Mc Gyver" was perfect.


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  • 1 decade ago

    They leave out watching Rikki Tikki on that first part. I used to be a Rikki Tikki addict...........while eating my Sunshine corncurls.

    Remember how big Best Village used to be? Miss those days :(

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  • Resh
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    nah, this one bring real memories in truth..

    good one.. i never read this one anywhere else..

    aye! i still like cheese paste sandwich on kiss bread eh!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I got that jsut this week, I died of laughter and almost shamefully agreed with most of it.... haha

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  • julien
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    oh gaaad oh yuh boy getting old yes !

    Thanks for de flash back !!

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