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hey I'm starting high school in a little while and i wanna be preppy.any advice or kind of clothes to wear??


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    To Cutie: You'd be surprised how it affects your grades, posing aside.

    Preppy is basically simple, neat, comfortable and a tiny bit conservative (in other words, no stomach peeping, but you don't have to hide everything!)

    Fitted polo shirts are always considered preppy, usually with rugby stripes in dark pretty colors, maroon and navy being the most usual, as they're the most common color for private school uniforms. Actually, to be honest, there are a lot of pastel colors too, more in the spring, though. Luckily, you can get away with the rainbow colors if you go for thinner stripes.

    For the bottom, think solids (the only exception being if you wear a skirt, in which case, plaid in navy, red or green, or black and white houndstooth are good, and only if you've got a solid on top!). Cords and khakis are probably the best choice, but you can't give up denim. Keep your cuts basic: bootcut (to clarify: the thinner flare) is best, but skinny (not skin-tight) and flared are just fine, no embroidery, rips, extra pockets, patches, sparkles, etc.

    Keep your washes clean (no acid or grunge washes!) and your better off staying in the medium to dark range. Lighter washes are fine if you can find a good one, but most companies try to make them look faded and worn. Also, you should avoid the midnight wash, or over-dyes.

    For cords, you can wear any color at all, but you're safest with browns, maroon and navy, dark green, mauve, grey and black.

    For skirts, simple denim minis, tennis skirts or "cheerleader" skirts. Or a skort (I hate that word!). Never wear them shorter than an inch past longer than where your fingertips reach, and usually past the knees is a no.

    For shoes: Converse types (not high tops), simple, round-toed black or brown leather boots (short-just above your ankle) with a lowish heel. Mary-Janes are good, too, as well as mock golf shoes. If you wear heels, stay AWAY from spikes and pointy toes. Those belong in the enemy camp LoL! Also, remember not to wear you tennis shoes and sneakers without socks, but do go for ankle socks

    A tennis visor in a light solid color, clean and without any funky logos is good for your head, but only occasionally, and headbands, an inch or so wide, ponytails (high, low or otherwise) and hair that is anywhere from the shorter side of long to the longer side of short. If you have really curly hair, wear it pulled back always or no longer than an inch or two past your shoulders.

    Also, newsboy caps fit right into the style

    Wearing a slightly loose necktie in a solid color, or diagonal stripes is a great way to mix it up on occasion, but if you aren't careful it'll toss you over the line into punk, so make sure that the rest of your outfit is uber-conservative!

    Single charm chains, one ring at a time, thin metal bangles, fairly simple bead strands, simple watch, plain belts in whatever color with a nifty buckle.

    Avoid hoop earrings, huge bangles and any other oversized jewelry, more than one necklace (a necklace and a choker's cool, though), wide chokers, wide watchbands, neon anything, baseball caps, and large sunglasses.

    Keep makeup simple, and light colored: throw out your red everything! Black should only be used to line eyes, and on your lashes if you can't get away with brown. Liquid liner and cat-eyes are a no. Use are shimmery white or light pink to base your eyes, use a matte pastel to shadow. Shiny gloss, no lipstick. Foundation and powder, blush only if absolutely necessary, and as little as you can get away with. Your nails should always look manicured, any colors should be matte solids to match your outfit, but a regular french manicure is what you should stick to normally.

    The other best thing you can do is actually make an effort to study and get involved with extra-currics

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    You just don't want to be preppy or become preppy...usually preppy people have been since middle school or even just don't decide one day you want to be preppy...instead of trying to be something your yourself..cause I can guarantee you people will like you a lot better for being yourself then basically being a poser and trying to be something you aren't..and people will seriously call you out on it..sorry.

    But if you just HAVE to try and live the preppy lifestyle, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs etc. are the real preppy brands..just because you shop at A&F does NOT make you a fact..I don't even shop there myself as much as I used to..everyone has the same things and it gets if you can afford it, wear Lacoste and brands like that..I can almost guarantee you there aren't many people walking around your school wearing that : ) Sooo I guess if your interested go to my page and email me if you want more advice or anything.

    Source(s): senior in HS, and I wear all of the above and more.
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    Just be yourself... no one likes a poser :-)

    But, if you want to be preppy..



    American Eagle

    Throw in some Lacoste n Ralph Lauren- POLOS <3


    And really, don't be a poser.

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    okay, STOP!

    i hate when people do that.

    if your preppy fine, but by you saying "i want to b preppy" is being a poser. and soon after u start high school, people will see that ur style u portray isnt really you, then u will become a POSER. sorry, but its reality sweetheart.

    stop trying to be like everyone else. get ur own style. duhh.

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    Be what you ARE don't be a wannabe. It's better to be yourself then a poser. Besides, why go with the flow when you can do your own thing? That's what I do and people like me the way I am. Trust me, be you and don't imitate, if you're just imitating people will notice and things might go downhill from there.

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    wear what you like, not what you think is preppy. and who doesn't know where to shop for that anyways?

  • i have no idea why freshmen always wanna be preppy butt;;

    wear hollister.ambercrobie.ameican egale.victorias secreat.weat seal.delias.

    thats what in now.

    well at least at my school.

    butt;;then again.

    i live in japan.


    (dont worry im goin buy american fashion i attend american school.)

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    Hollister, Abercrombie, and uhhhh Polo....everyone wears that sh*t in highschool it's an epidemic or something.

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    Aero, AE, Abercrombie, Hollister...etc.

    Straight Hair?? definetly preppy

    But try to be yourself, not try to be something that you think is popular, become your own popular..

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