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okay so i lost my phone..well i know who has it but i cant get it back. so i want to cancel it & get a new sim card with the same number. the only problem is my dad doesnt know i lost my phone& i dont want him to find out. so is it possible for me or my mom to cancel the numer and get a new sim with out him even though my phone was under my dads account.

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    You can definitely suspend the line for lost/ stolen without your father's knowledge. You can call the AT&T customer care number and suspend through the automated system or if your mother has access to the account online she can suspend it that way. As far as getting a replacement this is where I hope your mother is listed as an authorized user since AT&T won't let anyone make changes to the account in store who isn't authorized. If the line has insurance you would need to contact them to get the phone and sim replaced but be aware that the charge for the insurance replacement will show on the bill. If your mother is listed as an authorized user then she can go into a store to get a new sim and phone. Be aware that if your line isn't eligible for an upgrade you will be paying full price for the phone.

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    yes, you can call them and they will put shut that phone down - then you go to cingular/ ATT&T store and they will give you another phone, with the same number. Hope you have insurance, otherwise you will have to buy the phone outright. Tell them you lost it, otherwise (if you tell them it was stolen, they will want the police report nmber). I have gone through this with them before. You need to cancel that phone, before your dad ends up with a huge cell phone bill. By the way, always put a password on your phone - that way if u lose it, or it's stolen, no one can use it to make calls.

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    Yeahh.. what you do it you tell them it was stolen and the simc ard needs to be canceled and you need to buy a new phone and sim card.. all you need is like main number your address and your dads name.. I think thats about it.. since your mom and dad are married there should eb no problem at all.

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    There should be no problem at all. I had to do a similar thing. All you may need is an address and your dads social security number.

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    check out the blackberrys... although i know you said no iphone...but it is so worth it...i wouldnt put it off...

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