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What are the must-see Islands in the Phillipines? Is Borocay overated and is Palawan just as spectacular?

We originally intended to fly from Manilla to Kaliban and then Kaliban to Borocay. After much research, it seems that Borocay would not have that deserted island feel we're looking for. Palawan, on the other hand has over 1000 islands but is it expensive to get around??? In a weeks time, how much money could you spend hopping around? For a week, is it better to pick just one destination?

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    Visit Matnog, Sorsogon, ask for Tikling and Subic Islands. I have been to these islands and compare to Boracay, these islands are more secluded, Tikling is almost deserted, only the caretaker resides here. The sands are as white & fine as Boracay, only that the sands in Subic Island are something like pinkish in color.

    There's a cove there where you can swim and interact with the fishes and see live lobsters, big live clams and the biggest milkfish (bangus) alive that you've ever seen!

    Commercially, they will charge you Php2,500.00 for ferrying you to these island. But don't transact with the people that approach you. Go directly to the owner of the boat for they will charge you Php 1,500.00 only (whole day until 5pm).

    Boracay is congested, Palawan is so expensive. You will never regret your trip there. If you need more info or Q's, just email me. I can even send you some pictures of the place.

    Source(s): I've been there last March.
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    Palawan is the best island(s) for me! A paradise on earth. Boasts of wonderful and amazing sites, including the Tubbataha Reef and the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park, two of the 4 Philippine sites (the others are Chocolate Hills in Bohol and Mayon Volcano in Albay) that are nominated in the search for the world's 7 Wonders of Nature (

    Boracay is really overrated. There are lots of islands and beaches in the Philippines that are comparable,if not much better but less expensive and less frequented by tourists therefore will fulfill your "deserted" requirement.

    One is the Caramoan Peninsula in Camarines Sur. The beauty of the place is not much known even to people in Camarines Sur because of its location. The place boasts of several white beaches, caves, crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. you can go boating, snorkelling, kayaking, etc. Best place to go is the Little and Big Gota Beach. The Survivor French Edition was filmed there from February to mid-May this year. That alone is a testament on how beautiful the place is. Don't expect an active night life there. The town is peaceful and simple. Staying there would be very inexpensive. No hotels, just simple lodging-inns and homes that accept transients. Camping on the beaches - using tents would be very nice.

    When you're tired of the "deserted atmosphere", you can go to the Camarines Sur Water Sports Complex afterwards. First-class accomodations can be found there since it has become a popular destination of tourists who love wakeboarding and watersports since last year.

    It's now rainy season though. Best time to visit Caramoan is during the dry months. You may email me if you're interested.

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    Borocay is extremely overrated, VERY commercialized (better speak some Korean and Japanese too), and VERY crowded. Everything except deserted.

    Palawan is great, and there are several areas worth visiting - but seeing as you only have a week you should limit yourself. Others mentioned El Nido and a few other locations - they are great, but my personal favorite is the Calamian Group (Busuanga/Coron).

    If you go to the Calamian Group of Islands you can spend 2 or 3 days at 2 or 3 different resorts, travelling from one to the other by boat. My favorite way is with a fast speedboat, but it is easier and cheaper to go with a Banka. There are many resort ranging from nipa huts to 4 stars.


    Ja-na ... The island she is talking about is Pandan Isalnd. This ia also a great spot, but may be boring for a week unless you are a diver. the two french guys running the place are great to have a few drinks with .... Apo Reef is about half way between Pandan and Busuanga (original post). Again, speedboat is the way if you can arrange it!

    Source(s): Dozens of visits.
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    Avoid Borocay its a tourist trap and its hard to get there compared to other places. I hear Palawan is good place to visit. Also consider Cebu, the main island away from Cebu City but still close to civilization. Bohol is also nice. If you really like the isolated feeling check out Limasawa at Southern Leyte. Hire a boat from Padre Burgos, So. Leyte.

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    Yes, Palawan is spectacular.

    Its Subterranean River already ranks as the 10th natural wonder of the world.

    Other islands that are really must-see are:

    - Camiguin

    - Bohol

    - Malapascua Island, Cebu

    - Bantayan Island

    - Mindoro, specifically Puerto Galera

    - Catanduanes

    - Panglao Island, Bohol

    - Batanes

    Check out these sites:

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    yes boracay is overrrated..the only thing left to boast about there is the night life and the sand...

    if you really want the deserted island feel then here's what i suggest go to mindanao, in surigao del sur... then go to britania... so it's... Britania, Surigao Del Sur, Mindanao.....that place is even more deserted than Palawan!! That's because it hasn't even been discovered by the department of tourism!!! there you can island hop, and there's white powdery sand too..the great thing about it is since it's not that known yet you can get your food like really really near the shore!! pick up a few shells and voila! instant ulam (you do speak tagalog right?)!! it's really great there..probinsya na probinsya ang dating..walang pa nga masyadong kuryente e (merong kaunti pero hindi sin liwanag ng syudad)!! you'll really feel like you were stranded man...... but the only con i could think of is that i don't think there'd be inns there or places to sleep for tourists like you...try to ask in advance the people there if you could "makitulog"..umm try the mayor?? why i know all of these?? that's my province!! we go there every summer!! it's really an undisturbed beauty..i even think na pwede siyang ipambato laban sa boracay at palawan e....may island hopping, may makukuhang pagkain sa pampang, may pagka primitive ang if you want the deserted feel..san ka pa? britania na!!

    Source(s): the family goes there every summer
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    Start in Cebu. You can reach most island from there by ferries.

    I havent been to Palawan but heard it has scenic & wonderful views. I love bohol. You should not miss it when your in Phil. Camiguin Island is another one. And the 100 islands in Pangasinan, probably you have a chance to have an island with your name for a week. :D

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  • there's this island in Mindoro, where life is soo laid back. it might bore you if you stay for a week. no much activities aside from a visit in Apo Reef, lying under the sun or sleeping in the hammock, turtle watching and snorkeling. the island does not have electricity, bulbs are solar powered.

    message me, if you want to visit the place.

    anyway, you can also try el nido. you can just book in a budget hotel so that your stay will be cheaper.


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    certainly, no longer something beats boracay. I even have been to bohol and cebu... making plans to circulate to palawan in all threat next 365 days. yet out of the three places ive bee, i enjoyed boracay the main, particular, that's extremely crowded in the time of those situations, yet nonetheless, its a brilliant place. and, LOL @bui... uhmmm.. the place the heck do you think of cebu and palawan is placed!? china?! hahaha!

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    Bantayan Island, Cebu is gorgeous, secluded and easy on the pocket. The journey there can be quite "arduous", but sometimes, the detours can define the journey, and this "detour" was definitely worth it. :)

    Enjoy your vacay. Hope this helps you somehow.

    Source(s): Been there and loved it.
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