Going to visit a friend in MAINE any suggestions where we could to go eat would be appreciated?

It will be sort of a girls week. Three of us went to school together, one of the three has not seen the other since graduation 35 years ago. I would like this a fun casual week. .


We will be a bit southeast of Agusta and about 10 miles from the coast.

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    Moody's diner in Waldoboro is an icon. The little red shack( sorry I forget the name) next to the bridge on route 1 in Woolwich is supposed to have the best lobster rolls around. Any one of the Governor's restaurants around the state are good home-style food. If you get to Elllsworth, the "Mex" has a unique way of combining local seafood with Mexican cuisine.

  • A W
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    OMG I am so jealous! I LOVE Maine!!! My sister and her husband live there, well my sister has passed but my brother in law is still there.

    I will give you one hint....don't eat at the big "chain" restaurants....eat at the local mom and pop joints, especially if you are along the coast. One local chain in Maine is The Weathervane and they are pretty good. I know there is a really good sandwich place in Waterville but I am not sure where you are going.

    Definitely eat lobster while you are there, especially lobster rolls! And you HAVE to have Clam Chowder....no one makes it like the small places in Maine.

    Have Fun!!! Reunions are so much fun!!

  • Rich Z
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    Maine is gigantic and could take five hours to drive from one end of the state to the other. You need to say what part of Maine you are going to be at to get some good suggestions. There are lots of great places to eat (mostly little local ones serving fresh local items).

    Add detail on your location to get answers you can use.

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    If you'll be near Portland, Flatbread Company makes the most delicious organic pizza you'll ever taste.

    We went to Fuji's after work one night, it's a Japanese resto where they cook at your table, and try to get you to catch bits of food in your mouth. Not my fave food but decent and alot of fun.

    The breweries always have good and hearty food at a decent price. Try Gritty McDuffs, Shipyard or Allagash breweries. Sebago brewery is really popular too, it's in South Portland though.

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    Where to eat in Maine? Any local restaurant that sells fresh lobster ... Maine is the place to eat lobster .


  • Jennifer coughlin

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    Although i don't know where the location is...,

    But..., I'd Suggest the Locals TOO !

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    any where that serves lobster. Have fun!!!!!

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