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Will ADSL router from UK work in continental Europe, are the ADSL standards same in UK and rest of Europe?

When I plug it in power supply it works normally it seems and as it is a wireless router (belkin F5D7630-4A I can connect it from my PC wi-fi card, but when I plug in the adsl cable it begins to restart every minute or two

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    German ADSL services work on generally faster sync rates and higher frequency carrier. Germany is rapidly deploying ADSL2+ and VDSL services, too. It's unlikely British equipment will work on German ADSL circuits, and no chance on VDSL lines.

    ADSL2 or ADSL2+ is rapidly becoming the standard in most European countries:

    Note that the UK is in the list, but deployments are just starting in the BT network. It's unlikely you would have an ADSL2+ modem from a UK supplier yet.

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