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Paulus asked in Cars & TransportationSafety · 1 decade ago

What is your greatest pet peeve when it comes to driving?

Mine is having to endure vehicles coming at me with their high beams glaring! Many drivers don't realize that they have their brights on and that even in the day time, they are just as bright as at night. When I encounter this situation, I usually try to tell them by flashing my lights at them, so they will dim their lights. Many times, they are not aware of what I am trying to tell them! Makes you wonder what condition they are in.

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    Unfortunately, I am one of those people. It isn't that my high beams are on, it's that I drive a full-sized pickup truck which is slightly lifted--I end up blinding people all the time, and I get the flashing high beam signal on a regular basis. (I flash my high beams at them, and then they realize they are being blinded by my regular lights--it probably doesn't make them feel any happier, but at least they know I am not a moron.)

    I used to only have one pet peeve, and that was people who think that the speed limit is simply a number on a sign, and choose instead to drive 15-20 miles slower than the posted speed.

    Then, I started being annoyed by the people who multi-task while driving. I remember commuting to the university campus every day when I was in college, and most days I ended up behind the same woman in a silvery-blue Honda who insisted on finishing her hair and applying her makeup while she drove. I remember wanting to get out at a stoplight to throttle her and her curler-clad head.

    Now my biggest peeve is those who have no concept of either the theory behind or the practical use of the turn indicator. They neither signal their intent to change lanes, nor allow you to change lanes if you happen to be stuck next to them in traffic. I sometimes wonder if they got their drivers' licenses out of Cracker Jack boxes, because they seem to be completely and blissfully unaware that their vehicle comes already equipped with that particular option, and that the reason for that is because it's supposed to be used.

    Happily, as I mentioned before, I drive a big truck. If one of them runs into me (it always seems to be someone in a small car--who knows, maybe they've done away with turn signals in all the small cars sold in Utah), I will end up with a marred paint job, and they will end up with a totaled vehicle. More power to them.

  • JAJ
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    People that speed, tailgate and weave in and out of lanes without using a turn signal. Drivers that can't keep a constant speed while driving and as soon as I try to pass them they suddenly speed up and I get stuck in the left lane with a speed demon right on my tail. Drivers that want let me over in bumper to bumper traffic. Drivers that think they have to gun it from red light to red light. Drivers that are not paying attention to the road because they are too busy yakking on their cell phone. Drivers that sit and hold everyone up because they are waiting on a close parking space and the driver they are waiting on is still putting the groceries in their car.

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    Mine is when you come to a four way stop and you know that you were there first and the other driver creeps into the intersection and cuts you off.I have one more,when you are waiting to get into a parking stall,your signal flashing showing your intentions and someone pulls right into the spot you had been sitting and waiting for 5 mins for.But what can you do just smile and secretly wish their tires fall off♥

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    If you are at an intersection or junction and you are curteous enough to let a car out in front of you,they all try to get out in front of you or the twit behind you starts with the horn or headlights flashing because you let someone out.My favourite pet hate is when the guy or gal in front brake on a fast bend instead of going into the bend at the right speed causing me to have to brake as well at the wrong time.Drive Safe.PAX.

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  • Starr
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    We have one of those little roundabouts near our house. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY knows how to use the thing properly! It is at a 3-way intersection, and I swear there is almost a wreck there everyday! Cars zoom through it without yielding to those who have the rightaway. Other people enter it while there is already a car in it. It's not rocket science people! If you don't know how to use a roundabout look it up on the internet or call your local DMV and ASK!

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    oh - Mine is people who cannot seem to sort out a simple lane change/merge onto the freeway. I live in Las Vegas, and the freeways here get jammed up, as you can imagine.

    But when they are moving well, and some knucklehead cannot figure out how to get up to speed and merge, it kills me. I am giving you a HUGE friggin opening. Get on the damn road already!

    Same with changing lanes. If I see a signal on, I lay back to let the person change. But 8 times out of 10 they can't seem to figure out how to do it without slowing down to 20mph, half merging, or just generally F-ing it up.

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    Mine is when someone hits their brakes BEFORE they turn on their turn signal! Drives me nuts! Oh and people who don't use the loop around correctly! If you want to go straight, then you would be in the right lane, NOT IN THE LEFT LANE when I'm trying to go straight, Or in the left lane when I'm trying to make a right and be in the far right lane.

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    Anyone driving to 5 to 10 mph under the speed limit while on the cell phone and adjusting the radio. Also drives who switch lane to lane back and forth causing the rest of us to let up or worse brake to make room.

  • Anonymous
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    People who don't use a turn signal. Not just for changing lanes but for turning corners as well ( why do I suddenly imagine people reading that and saying "What! Are we supposed to signal when change lanes now too?!)lol.

    So tell me are blinker bulbs expensive so we are conserving them or are we all psychic?

  • rotus
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    Not Paying Attention.

    Under this umbrella falls many thing like cell phone useage, fast lane hogging, same speed across all lanes, not holding a steady speed, etc. etc ad nauseum

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