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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

how much does dog cost at petland in Frisco tx?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Please refrain from buying a puppy from petland, or any other stores that sell puppies.

    First off, you have absolutely no clue about the parents-how their health was, their disposition, temperament.., you don't know where that puppy came from, who the breeder is-you know absolutely nothing about it.

    Those puppies don't just pop out of that store you know! They are shipped in by trucks, crammed in cages with one another. They come from puppy mills, and by buying one, you give the puppy mill breeders a reason to keep doing the horrible things they are doing.

    If you are looking for a dog for cheap, even a puppy-please always check your local shelter first! Those dogs need homes, they need someone to save them-as many of them are euthanized because the shelters simply do not have the space for them.

    If you have your heart set on a purebred dog, you can either check a breed specific rescue group, or be prepared to fork out some good money and pay the price for a well bred puppy-not one from a backyard breeder, I'm talking one from parents with good pedigrees, good health, disposition, temperament, etc. From a breeder who will be willing to be there for you when you need her help, or can no longer keep your dog.

    There are many choices to getting a dog, but buying one from a pet store should never be considered a choice! I know puppies there are readily availible and easy to get, but honestly, it is not worth it-not to you, or the dogs who are being force bred and neglected by the farmers.

  • kullas
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    4 years ago

    Frisco Petland

  • 5 years ago

    Petland Frisco

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

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    How much does dog cost at petland in Frisco tx?

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would never buy a dog or any animal for that matter at a pet store. First place you should look is at an animal shelter or a good breeder. 2 of my dogs came from a breeder and are excellent. The dog i got from a shelter had some minor separation anxiety issues but nothing major.

  • Ty B
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    The puppy will probably be around $1500. But then you need to factor in all the extra costs for buying a dog from a pet store like paying to fix the health problems and paying for training to fix temperament problems. That could easily cost in the thousands

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    More than they're worth.

    Its MUCH better to adopt a dog or puppy from your nearest shelter.

    Source(s): Also check petfinder . com there are more dogs and puppies from Frisco on there, but the "999 error" won't let the link go through. :0(
  • DO NOT BUY DOGS AT PETSTORES... they come from puppymills. Their parents are sickly, not the best examples of the breed, and confined to cages 24 hours a day while being bred every single heat until they die.

    Buy a dog from a well respected breeder or save a life and adopt from a shelter or rescue

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  • 1 decade ago

    Didn't you watch Oprah today?

    Don't support Puppy Mills. Don't shop at Pet Land.

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