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Sims 2 Freetime and Seasons?

What are the new features in the Sims 2 Seasons and freetime?I was just wondering because I've never played the two since I live in a country where the only sims 2 expansion packs available are university and open for business

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    Seasons has weather changes like rain and snow, 4 seasons, gardening (growing fruits and veg), and "Plantsims"

    Freetime- has a LOT of new activities for sims. Sims develop interest in certain types of hobbies (like tinkering, music, sports, science, fitness, art, dance) and can unlock secret lots for hobby enthusiasts.

    Both come with a new base neighborhood (Seasons- Evergreen Terrace, Freetime- Desiderata Valley)

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    In Seasons you have new seasonal activities. There is gardening, fishing, snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels, ice skating, raking leaves. The feature I use most is the gardening. I don't have Freetime yet so I don't know about it.

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