Suspended without pay?

I was on shift and was ill and requested to go home and was told no and the manager was shouting at me, I told her I was going anyway and left, I was on holiday after this for a week and recieved a letter saying I had been suspended for leaving the shift without authorisation, I was suspended on full pay but would not recieve pay as holiday would overide this, I turned up for the invesigatory hearing which is to be held by the manager who told me not to leave the shift, The manager did not turn up, I got proof of turning up by purchasing a drink with reciept with time on it from the cafe the meeting was being held at, I left after 1 hour, I was called up later that day and asked why I had not attended meeting, I explained situation, they demanded that I returned as they were paying me, but I could not due to family bereavement, they have now resuspended me with no pay saying I did not turn up, I have worked for the company more than 10 years with no warnings, I am never off sick.

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    It is right that these two should be disciplined, but no one here seems to realise that these two individuals have broken the law. It is ilegal to make telephone calls of this nature. That is to say, harrassment and obsene content contravenes Telecom regulations. Even if this phone call had not been broadcast, the aforementioned regulation had still been infringed (meaning the rule had still been broken). Going one step further, the BBC still allows the "F" word to be used on far too many of it's programmes. Even though they give a warning about "strong language", this seems to be an easy get out and I am wondering if the transmission on air of such language is legal. Under the old GPO days, it was not. This is another aspect which should be investigated. The BEEB might get a nasty shock if this rule is still in force.

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    Yeah, go along to your local Citizens Advice Bureau, armed with as much information as possible,and hopefully, drag this bully through a tribunal!!!

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    They can only suspend you without pay as a form of punishment as a result of a disciplinary.

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    If you are in the UK phone ACAS - they know all the ins and outs of employment law in this country

  • See a lawyer - you have a good case.

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    get an attorney asap, you have a big lawsuit on your hands.

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    ring acas they are great

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    I think a visit to the CAB is in order here..................

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