Can I stain butcher block where food will be prepared?

Is there a safe furniture stain for food prep areas?

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    Normally, wooden butcher bocks are made from a hardwood, which is necessary to withstand the knives, etc. Wood such as oak and maple are frequently used. Rather than staining the wood, most are treated with an oil or sealant that brings out the natural beauty of the particular species, without being harmful if ingested. Mineral oil can safely be used, but it does dull over time and has to be re-applied. There is actually a finish called "butcher block oil," that works very well to dress up the wood and is safe to humans (that would be my recommendation). There are also some specialty finishes available commercially that claim to be safe for ingestion. I used to make wooden mugs years ago and I ordered a special stain/sealant from a company in Wisconsin that claimed to stain wood and wasn't harmful. It's a two-part mixture that's applied to the wood. However, unlike a drinking vessel, chopping blocks get too much abuse, and I think would mess up these types of finishes or at the least affect the sealant properties.

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    NO!! stains contain chemicals and toxins that are not good for you.poison. the best thing to do is to sand it down just a little bit to smooth it out and treat it with mineral oil. it is the only recommended oil to use because it won't spoil and get rancid. mineral oil is FDA approved.

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    Normally these are left unstained. Treated with mineral oil or mineral oil and paraffin. While it might not be toxic, the stained area is going to be chopped up and will soon expose unstained wood.

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    No, you'll taste it in the food

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