Help redundancy and they do not want to pay me?

I have been with the company for thirteen years and they have offered me other positions which I can not get to as they are not easy to get to from where I live and also are offering me less money than I am on now, can they refuse to give me what I am owed as they are telling me that they can? I am really confused and it is making me ill

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    If the employer is refusing to pay you redundancy and you are refusing to accept alternative employment arrangements offered by him then it will end up at a tribunal.

    At the tribunal It will all boil down to whether the alternative offers by the employer are reasonable ones and what is reasonable for the employee to refuse.

    There are no hard and fast rules here.....just what the tribunal see as reasonable from both sides. They will look at the distance the employer is offering you to relocate to and why you could reasonably be expected to decline that offer

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    I think that they can offer you a suitable alternative job - which is a reasonable distance from where you live.

    I would be tempted to visit your local citizens advice bureau. If your personnel department isn't trustworthy....

    They are probably offering you this position because of the cost of making you redundant - be careful that your transfer would be classed as continuance of your existing employment rather than starting again.

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    As Tizwas says, go straight round to your CAB. They can guide you through exactly what your employer is trying to do and sort out what your options are. I worked for CAB years ago and was able to get at least one client what she was owed. It's too long to remember what all the CAB's information says but they have the best advice around.

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Go to the CAB site for your nearest bureau:
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