what countries have 4 seasons?

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    1. Canada. . .

    2. Australia. . .

    3. Switzerland. . .

    4. France. . .

    5. Upper part of Italy. . .

    6. Romania. . .

    7. Some parts of United States such as New York. . .

    There are a lot more. . .

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    Country With Four Seasons

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    Which country has 4 season including asia ?

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    what countries have 4 seasons?

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    Pretty much any ones that are neither near the poles or near the equator. Countries closer to the equator usually have a dry season and a rainy season.

    Parts of the U.S. have 4 distinct seasons, though not all. The sourthern states are warm all year the northern parts never really get hot.

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    My country does but my state has 2 1/2 ~ Winter, 1/2 Spring and Summer, pretty much Summer to Winter and then there's about 2-4 weeks of Spring..........It's bad I like all four, I miss Fall and all the colours of the trees, and a true Spring where all the flowers bloom.

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    You mean changes in weather due to the Earth's tilting axis....

    or the hotel chain?

    I believe Australia has regions that have:

    2 seasons- Wet/Dry in the North.

    3 seasons- Hot-wet/Hot-dry/Cool-dry in parts of the centre.

    and 4 seasons- Spr/Sum/Aut/Wint in the South.

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    It's England So... 50% is cloud 25% is rain 10% snow and 15% sun Helpful?

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    Santiago, Chile

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    Temperate (U.K. America, Australia, Scandinavian countries etc) and polar regions have four seasons. In tropical regions there are really only two reasons - wet and dry.

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