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Is there a circuit or component that will behave like an electronic SPDT relay?

The circuit I'm working on requires a SPDT (momentary) switch that is activated by an electronic signal. Normally a relay switch would do for this, except that relays are quite big and I need something small and preferably solid state. I have looked at solid state relays but they only seem to be available in SPST variety and are also particularly expensive (I need 12 of such switches). I am dealing in relatively low voltages (9V max)

Are there any components or circuit arrangements that will behave like a SPDT relay?


The switches will be dealing with signals from PIC microcontroller outputs. I suppose then that is a simple 5V signal output.

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    4016 in the 4000 series cmos range is a quad analogue switch use that as the coil component and the switched output to drive a power mosfet

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    There are IC analog switches which are SPDT such as the MAXIM MM74HC4066 which might work for you. The limiting factor will be current draw through the chip. You can always use the chip to drive individual JFET or Power Transistors.

  • Try a DIP relay- - -the size of an IC.

    This is a SPDT 5V dc reed relay for under $8.00 from Allied Electronics.

    A different one for under $7.00 at allied.

    The magnecraft web page of relays.

    Hope this helps


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    what kind of signal do you wish to transmit through this electronic SPDT switch? The asnwer you give to this will help to determine the device required.

    There are specific ICs designed as SPDT switches. Even the humble 4016 can be made to serve.

    Source(s): search for "SPDT transmission gate"
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    The symbols are simply pictographs which represent devices. The symbols are part of an internationally recognized electronic 'language' which enables the efficient communication of ideas much like letters (or sometimes characters) do in written language. Once the language of symbols is learned, one can 'read' circuit diagrams regardless of his or her spoken language background.

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    A transistor is a switch that will work with 9v you need to know its parameters to know the switching voltage and the load resistor

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    Best bet would probably be an H-bridge integrated circuit, which contains BJT or MOSFET drivers. MIcrochip and TI make them, among others. Digi-Key, Mouser, and others sell them.

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    Two transistors arranged as a complementary-symmetry pair.

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    There is some multiplexers which can do this action - try National Semicondcutors fisrt.

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