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my dog threw up yellow phelgm now he is not eating /drinking he is very weak also, what is wrong with him?

my dog threw up yellow phelgm and he is not eating nor drinking water, he is also weak, what is wrong with him?

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    Vomiting and weak is not enough information to give any kind of opinion on. You need to go to your local vet or emergency vet and answer a full history to get any reliable opinions.

    Age? Sex? Fixed? Acess to potential poisions or toxins? any previous medical history? Runy stools? How long has this benn going on? And many more.

    Thay also will take your dogs vital sings.

    Is he running a fever, increased heart rate or respitory rate, gums pink, painful in the belly?

    Please call your local vet and have your pet examined.

    Source(s): 13 years Veterinary Technician
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    He does need to see a Vet. The weakness is the biggest concern along with dehydration which may or may not be the cause of the weakness. He could have eaten something poisonous. A Vet would need to determine what the problem is. If there is no way you can get him in to see the Vet tonight, you might call an emergency Vet and see if it's okay to give your dog some pedialyte (clear kind) which you could get from a drug store or grocery store tonight.

    Hope your pup will be okay and hope you can get him in to see an emergency Vet tonight because of the weakness.

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    i hope it's not antifreeze poisoning. i had a german shepherd that died of antifreeze poisoning...

    the first time i took him to the vet, the vet didn't know what was wrong... but that everything should be all right.. the 2nd time we took him to the vet, the vet said it was something serious and it was too late.

    for about 5 days he was throwing up bright yellow and green phlegm, was very weak, didn't eat nor drink.

    you should take him to the vet immediately (but to a competent one) and ask him if it could be antifreeze.

    it wasn't until after our dog died that the ***hole vet did some bloodwork and confirmed that he had antifreeze in his blood.

    it doesn't take much antifreeze to kill a dog.

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    You need to take your dog to the vet.

    There are not enough details, no age nor any other vital info. for any kind of educated guess.

    And even if there were, I would still tell you in the end to take him to the vet, because he is going to need medical attention.

    take him NOW.

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    He is sick and needs to be taken to a vet. It sounds like it could be a serious infection, but don't take my word for it, see what a professional says.

  • There are so many things that could be wrong with him - illness, intestinal obstruction, etc. etc. etc. - that you need to talk to a vet ASAP and get professional medical attention.

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    He needs to see a vet.

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    He is sick and needs to see thy vet.

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    The veterinarian. That is all.

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