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An english grammar problem, HELP?

Im writing a novel, and its for kids. some says my story is great, but all says my english grammar is the worst. perhaps it was because im a filipino. but you know what, no matter what they say, im still continuing to write my novel. i strongly believes that this grammar problem wouldnt stop me from dreaming to success. i knew i will, i knew i will. you know, im always reding a page of english dictionary a day. getting desperate, i also read english newspapers, novels and even books . getting much desperate, i always watch english movies, just to improve my grammar. BUT STILL it aint working, but someday i knew it will, it will, it will, IT WILL. anyway, MY QUESTION is does professional editors charge you more if you had many grammar errors on your novel? And will they got mad at me and will refuse to edit my work anymore? well thank you in advance guys< happy new year!

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    It's the storyline that counts. The grammar and all else can be 'polished' by the sub-editor.

    Something that's easy for you to remember in grammar is this- Read your story aloud and if it doesn't sound right, it probably isn't.

    In reading your question, I can feel your passion but your tenses are mostly wrong. Here, you need to pay attention to 'verb agreement,' e.g: 'but someday i knew...' is wrong because your 'novel' isn't published yet; it should read, but someday I know..

    Grammmar can be improved; just read more!

    If you want to publish books for children, don't let grammar dash your dreams-just remember that content is more important-the rest will be taken care of. Happy New Year!

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    I am not a professional but I think may be they would. Everyone is out for more money. But if your book is great there should not be a problem. If it's grammar then there shouldn't be much change in your book. Unless they don't like the direction you headed with the story. My suggestion is to have someone you trust read what you have to help you make the corrections needed, that way you keep your book the way you want it. Also you won't pay extra to the publishers.

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    If the story is good, you can sell it. But in order to get it read by publishers, actually, agents, you don´t go directly to the publishing house, not in the US, anyway. But in order to get it read, you must have it well polished. If you are not fluent enough to do it yourself, you must find someone to do it for you. And I´m afraid that will probably cost you. I assume that writing/publishing the book in your native language is not effective? not enough of a market? maybe you could write it first in filipino and find a translator? Or find a language instructor to help you out. Never know, you might be able to trade out some sort of service (helping grade papers or something) in order to do it for free. Check into it.

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    You have the passion, and that is 50% of the work. But as a linguist, I think that you are not ready write a novel in English. Do it in Filipino. Do it for the kids of your motherland. That way, you’ll be able to use all the words, expressions and idioms that make a novel interesting and colorful. And once you have seen the results and the reactions to it, you may have it translated into English by a professional. Keep it up and good luck.

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    More likely than not, an editor is paid on a "per page" basis. Having said that, it is their job to make corrections when neccessary; whether there are many errors or very few. The objective of editing is to bring out the best possible views of the writer's thoughts and put them in a linear thought pattern.

    Best of luck!

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    Actually, the quality of much of the the English you wrote here is quite good. You do need some help, however, with the conventions of spelling and punctuation.

    The best thing you can do for your novel is get a friend who si a native speaker of English to edit it for you. It would be best if he had cultivated good writing and editing skills himself. I could do this for you, but unfortunately I am too busy with many other projects.

    In the meantime, keep on writing your novel the way you have been. And start trying to find a friend with good editing skills, and let him help you out. Study both your original texts and his edited versions. Your own skills will gradually improve until you reach the point of being able to edit most of your stuff yourself.

    Harleigh Kyson Jr.

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    Professional editors should never refuse to edit your grammar, that's how they get paid. If you submit your work to an editor and he/she refuses to do it, tell them they're not acting very professional, then tell them you're taking your work elsewhere.

    That would be like a fireman not putting out your house fire because it's too big, or a policeman not arresting a guy because the crime he commited was too serious. It just doesn't make any sense.

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    If you refuse to edit your novel anymore, they most likely won't publish your novel...and I'm not quite positive on the extra costs, though. It probably just depends on the company. But, kudos to you! Writing books are fun to do, but hard to publish. Good luck

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    I'm not in the industry, however a good first step might be to consider using a copy of Microsoft word which includes spelling and GRAMMAR checking. It will really help.

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