Why are no candidates talking about the decreasing value of the dollar?

Money is at the root of our country's power in the world, and yet none of the candidates seems to be talking about how we can make the US dollar stronger. Is it because they just do not know anything about it and want to focus our attentions on less important things that they do know about?

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    i think you may be right. also, due to increased freedom and speculative investing methods such as the selling and buying of debt, futures markets, oil prices, inflation, and the whole host of influencing factors, money has become entirely complicated. much too complicated for the average politician to know anything about. plus, with the politically correct push towards free trade, and globalism, there will a greater tendency for economies to balance out. we are seeing that now. poorer economies are on the rise while wealthier ones are depreciating. well, let me correct that. our economy is depreciating. the pound and euro are at an all time high. they have commodities backing their currencies while we have none. the only thing that sustains our currency is our reputation as a world power and the fact that it's the currency used for global purchasing of oil.

    combined with extravagant debt, rising oil prices, globalism, and an emerging push to switch the buying of oil to the euro, the dollar is falling behind.

    of course the present administration will argue that a weaker dollar helps america since it make our goods cheaper for export. true, and an over inflated currency can hamper growth as well. right now, many british citizens are quite upset at the increased value of the pound. the current american administration would be thinking correctly if they applied to previous years when the united states still made actual tangible, indiustrial products. we hardly do anymore. we outsource everything, so other economies benefit from what could be american made goods. the only benefiters to american products are the corporations, executives and a reduced number of employees. very few americans have a direct relation to the products united states companies make anymore. culture seems to be the greatest american export, and although fun, what good is it to the american citizen in terms of boosting his standard of living? why would we care if a movie makes hundreds of millions overseas, or here for that matter? the same goes for music? it has little to no financial relation to the average american. we are shifting to a technological market, but look at how fragile that is; constant threats to security, viruses, cyber attack. because it's information being sold or created, very few people need to operate it. thus many jobs are lost.

    economists see this shift from an industrial economy to a technological, informational one as a natural progression. perhaps, but it's one that moves america from a proletariat middle class to one more centered towards a focused wealthy class, and the rest in some type of service sector. i do advocate this evolution in economies but it seems unwise to completely abandon the foundational on which created america's wealth to begin with. that's what we are doing.

    i might add that the government might use added tourism as a support for a lower dollar. this is true, it does help. but has anyone ever studied just how difficult it is for the average foreigner to come here to america? i have. it's hard! very very few countries are able to have their citizens come to the US without some type of visa. that is a long process and an expensive one to undertake. and with america's current woes regarding immigration, visas are now even more difficult to obtain. so what's happening? tourists are going other places. the EU has made this even easier since many europeans can travel backwards and forwards with no problem, paperwork, or permission. and really, how much does america benefit from tourism? will it finance our war right now? will it pay back our debts entirely by itself? will it do more for america than good quality paying jobs spread across to every american? i doubt it. especially since taxes are collected through income. most of the reasons given in support of the low low dollar seem like fluff to me.

    so yes, in response to your question, i think they are afraid, uneducated, and most of all, unwilling to change the course of american financial policies. our leaders are the financial elite anyways. most won't change the course of the "river" and upset their financial backers and political supporters.

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    I believe the right wing of the Republican party has had the reins of government so long that legislature effecting the economy to cause improvement in the welfare of the United States will be painful no matter who is President and who has the majority in congress. In other words the right wing has simply screwed this country up so bad it will take years to recover and they will blame the Democrats.


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    Presidents have almost No control over currency valuations.

    A weak dollar is good for tourism, good for exports. It helps lower the trade deficit.

    It makes Americans' travel abroad more expensive, but foreign tourists here can spend more and inject more money into our economy.

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    well if they did talk about it then they would have to explain it and explain how to cure it, I don't think most in politics take the time to educate themselves about how money works, and it is probably due to not caring because if I can get on the net and learn about it so can they.

    maybe it has something to do with their masters wishes? you know the bankers who are behind it?


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    Inflation is a healthy part of a healthy economy. If there was deflation, something is usually going very wrong.

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    I think they are well aware of it but are told not to discuss the matter by their advisors. This must be the best evidence the problem will be allowed to fester.

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    Because most of them are pushing for the NAU (North American Union) to come and "fix" our depreciating dollar with the "Amero".... That's my opinion.

    Ron Paul, by the way, has mentioned this repeatedly but people still refuse to do the research on it. Instead, they'd rather call him a "conspiracy theorist" than do their homework.

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    there is one candidate talking about it. Ron Paul.

    that should lend a clue to anyone without.

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