traveling to Mongolia?

I am planning to go to Mongolia in the near future. Any advises you guys may have for me? how about the estimate cost to stay there for a month?


Citizens of United States do not need a visa to Mongolia for a stay up to 90 days

Update 2:

I didnt even spend 5k during the 3 months in Seoul man. It's hard to imagine that I have to spend 5k in Mongolia. My estimate of this is about 2k USD excluding the airfare since everything should be cheap there.

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    I am a Mongolian guy and i know everything. Just let you know you will be treathed equal and there is no racism in Mongolia. Things are quiet cheap and if you are going to stay there for 90 days all you need is 5000 dollars and that would be enought and if you are traveling as a tourist people expect bit from you like when you go into a shop you should give a little tip and allways say (Bayarlaa) that means thank you in Mongolian.

    Source(s): I am Mongolian
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    i think you should firstly get to know whether you need visa.

    go here

    insert your nationality and see the requirements

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