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What are duties of the president,municipal mayors,vice-president,senator,...

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what are duties of the
municipal mayors,
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the duty of the president is to executeand enact all the laws that are being passed by the congress.
also the president has special powers such as
1. declare martial law
2. call in the military in times of
a. lawless violence
b. rebellion
c. invasion
3. grant pardon, clemency, and amnesty to rebel groups
4. may contact or guarantee a foreign loans on behalf of the country
5. appoint all the justices of the supreme court including the chief justice
6. if the office of the vide-president becomes vacant the president can nominate among the members of congress who will fill the vacant seat of vice-president
7. appoint all the ambassadors abroad
8. appoint and preside over the cabinet
9. serves as the commander of chief thus the president... can appoint who will become the chief of staff
10. apoints the PNP chief
11. appoints the NBI director
12. serves as the grand ambassador of the filipino people being the head of state
13. vetos the laws being passed by congress if she or he thinks that it is irrelevant.
14. gives a report on the current situation of the country to the joint session of congress every year
15. can suspend the writ of habeas corpus
16.submit to congress a budget of expenditures within the first thirty days from the opening of the regular session, as the basis of general appropriations act
17. the president may call congress to a special session in times when the congress is not in session or is in recess
18. the president exercises general general supervision over local governments, administrative regions and autonomous regional governments, thus the president can suspend from governor downwards when they commit seious violations of the law through the department of interior and local government.
19. has the power to either raise or lower tarrif rates
20. signs bills into laws
21. declare a state of emergency


1. the vice president has no official roles within the constitution but the president can appoint the vice-president to head a certain department which does not need any confirmation form the commision of appointments..... (in the United states however the vice-presidents serves as the senate president)
2. the vice-president shall replace the president in cases when the office of the president becomes vacant

C. Congressmen and senator

the senators and congressmen's work are almost the same and that is to LEGISLATES LAWS which the president enacts through signing of a bill.... and also the congress (house of representatives and the senate) has special power to
1.initiate constitutional change and proposes ammendments or revision to the constitution
2. impeach the president (house of representatives)
3.approves the international agreements and treaties that are entered into by the president by a a 2/3 of votes by the members of the senate
4. Declare the state of war
5. acts as board of cnavassers in the election of president and vice president
6. confirms presidential appointments
7.revokes or extends the suspension of the privilage of habeas corpus or the declaration of martial law
8.passes the general appropriations act or the or the budget of the country
9. overturns the presidential veto
10JUdge the president's physical fitness to discharge the functions of office... because when the president in incapable of discharging the funtions of his office the congress may by the vote of tho-thirds of both houses voting separately, may declare that the president is unable to discharge his powers and suties, and shall designate the vice-president to act as president

1. control the local police on their municipalities
2. sign vouchers that authorizes the release of municipal money
3. prioritizes and plans the projects within his /her municipality like municipal roads, municipal brideges
4. declare a state of calamity within his/her own municipality which authorizes him to
5. signs bussiness permits
6. maintains peace and order within his/her municipality
7. can facilitate a civil marriage
8. together with the other mayors sign a recall r
9. execute the laws of the land within the territory of his/her municipality
10. serves as the head of the local health centers within his/her municipality
11. shall adress the municipal council and give them a report of the current state of his/her municipality
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  • bud answered 7 years ago
    president is the head of the state, the chief implementing or executive officer.
    vice president assumes the position of the president if he or she dies, becomes incapacitated, resigns or gets impeached/removed from office. also the vice-pres may concurrently hold a cabinet position
    a senator proposes and legislates a law; in layman, he makes the law. also a congressman does what a senator do. the only difference between them is that the senator is in the upper house and the congressman is in the lower house.
    a municipal mayor is the local chief executive officer of a town or municipality. he or she is under the supervision of the president.


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  • PATRICIA MS answered 7 years ago
    To keep everything running smoothly, and to keep us safe, but that is too simplistic.
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  • what are duties of the president,municipal mayors,vice-president,senator,...
    what are duties of the
    municipal mayors,
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