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Does Anyone Know What Happened to the Radio Host Luka on Alabama's 107.7 and then 103.7 the Q?

Anyone know any links or anything about where she went or what she is doing now?

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    may help

    regards x kitti x

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    Who knows? One thing's for sure...she wasn't really English. I have a good friend who was from England visiting Birmingham, and she and I were listening to Luka on the radio. My friend says, "There's no way she's from the UK, because she's pronouncing a lot of words incorrectly. For example, 'pasta' should be pronounced with a short 'a'.

    However, Luka had great boobs.

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    The best way to find out is to register at; go through the process, it's free and legit. Once you get your password, go to the "boards" section then scroll down to "By States" and select Alabama. Post your question here. I'm sure you'll get a prompt answer.

    -a guy named duh

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