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Changing phones without changing anything else?

Ok. so I have a T-Mobile family plan that is from 2006-2008. I have a RAZER, but I want to buy the 50 dollar sidekick. How can I do this without having to renew my plan, or change my phone number? Is it possible to just put in my SIM card in any sidekick and it becomes my phone? Or do I have to specifically go to a T-Mobile store and renew everything? THX.

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    okay to answer your first question.

    you can get the sk without renewing your plan. but it will cost more. you will have to pay for the retail price. if you don't want to pay the full retail, you can get an upgrade which will require you to extend your contract. and the discount you get for your upgrade will be according to how long you extend your contract (1yr or 2yr). but no you will not have to change your number.

    another way to get a sk without having to extend your contract or buying it at retail price, is buying it on ebay. since the sk is a tmo exclusive phone. the only other place you will find it besides at tmo (online/store) is on ebay. usu. depending on the quality of the sk, prices vary.

    and yes you can put your sim into any sk without a problem. but make sure that the sk you buy has been completely reset. if the seller has not reset it, your sk's email address and log on will be the sellers info. unless you're getting it thru tmobile, then you won't have to worry about that.

    (i had a sk3, but i sold it)

    hope this helped ^^

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    You can put your SIM in any phone you want, and your cell phone service number & plan will follow your chip.

    If it's a TMOBILE phone you will be GRAVY!!

    If it's another carrier ( Cingular, Sprint, etc.) make sure it's unlocked to read all carriers cards. Once you stick your card in and turn the bad boy on, make sure you can make a call.

    If you see "ENTER SUBSIDY PASSWORD, or WRONG SIM" then you know that cell is still locked up to a different cell phone carrier.

    Good luck!

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