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Remove DRM protection without the licence?

Is it possible? got a wmv with its licence expired, now having an expired licence on my harddrive, but can't play the content. I know many ways to convert/record/re-stream DRM protected wmv to a new file or simply remove the DRM header from the wmv file, but they all require the licence to work, ironic huh, if you got the licence, why the hell would you remove the protection since you can play it freely on ur pc.

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    If you have the license, then you might want to play it on some of your other PCs.

    You however do not have a license at all and therefore do not have the right to access the protected file.

    Do you really want to invite attention from the license holder? Pay for what you have and stop trying to steal.

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  • tameka
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    i'm distraught over this myself! My plan become to start eliminating all my Ruckus DRMs this very week, yet over the weekend I for sure got here across my service become now not attainable. and that i presumed on the commencing up it become because of the fact I had in basic terms graduated in December (even however i presumed that is dumb whilst my college digital mail nonetheless works for now). Now I quite have a lot of track I desperately prefer to be waiting to play and now in basic terms take up stressful disk area. so some distance as i comprehend, there is at the instant no attainable answer now that we are going to not open and play the records in any respect in the 1st place. i'm considering no remember if to hold directly to the records in case one arises, or to easily come again the plenty-mandatory area.

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