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Do yellow jacket bees die in the winter?

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    No!! They do not die!! Usually they build their nest in the ground. In California, I have seen fewer yellow jackets and nests in years where we have had heavy winter rain (did it drown out the nest???)

    If you have a yellow jacket (wasp) nest, you should get RID of it NOW!!! You should keep all children and pets indoors until you remove the hive. Bees can each only sting once , but yellow jackets can each sting multiple times. Multiple stings can be deadly. Also, because yellow jackets eat dead things they can transmit ugly bacteria. I know -- just a couple of stings resulted in terrible infections that took weeks to go away.

    In California, the local AG Dept will spray for free. If you don't live in California, you should contact a pest control company to kill the hive. Otherwise, you will have a worse problem in the spring.

    Walk around your property in the late morning or early afternoon. Walk slowly and look for insects (yellow jackets) flying around. If you stop and watch, you can often find where the nest is.

    Good Luck!!

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    Yellow Jackets In Winter

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    Do yellow jacket bees die in the winter?

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    First of all, yellow jackets are wasps, not bees.

    The queen will burrow into the ground to over-winter. She will emerge in the spring and begin looking for a nesting place. Any yellow jackets that you see in the spring and kill will eliminate many more later in the season.

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    Good Luck and Happy Gardening from Cathy and Neal!

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    There is no such thing as a yellow jacket bee. Try wasp. Entirely different species.

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    no, they go under ground in the winter and hibernate, then come out when the weather gets warm again, but, if you decide to try and get rid of them be very careful even if it is pretty cold they will attack and sting you, but, if you put some gas on them they won't sting for some reason, and they are hard to get rid of,

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    They will be back next summer!

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