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Why hasn't anyone invented the shrink ray or machine yet?

With our advanced technology, you would think that someone would invent a shrink machine...I think they need to work on it...

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    what kind of shrink machine are you talking about. There is a shrink machine that shrink wraps things now. or do you want to physically shrink something.

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    Shrink Ray Machine

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    The idea of a shrink ray is more pure fantasy than science fiction since it is not based on any sort of science concept. How is it supposed to work? Does it make the atoms smaller or does it mean fewer atoms?

    It is not possible to change the size of an atom apart from squashing it in a neutron star or black hole. If it were possible the shrunk item would still have the same mass as the original and would become extraordinarily dense. It is hard to imagine that any surface could hold up such a dense object so it would sink into the earth.

    A piece of metal can be made smaller by reducing the number of atoms. The result would be a smaller lighter piece of metal. In the case of a molecule the number of atoms cannot be reduced with out changing the chemical properties of the molecule. One would have to reduce the number of molecules instead. Even if the shrink device could decide which molecules could be eliminated without changing the function of the substance to be shrunk it would be impossible to eliminate some molecules in an object without disturbing those nearby.

    Before someone could ever make a shrink ray one would have to come up with some basis on which it could work. I don’t think anyone have ever suggested a method.

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    You cannot shrink an atom.

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    Haven't you heard of the evil scientist Dr. Shrinker?

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