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Have cyatic nerve inflamtion?

anyone have an idea about how to get rid of cyatic nerve inflamation. I've done all kinds of inflamation pills, gone to doctor and was given excercises to help, which have done nothing. It is about 90 % better than I started but can't seem to get rid of it permantly. Any ideas would be a great help.It has been 4 weeks now.,

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    1 decade ago
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    when i had the siatic nerve issue i had professional physical therapy from a therapist that specializes in that kind of issue. i only had 3 appointments and i felt 100% better. Now, when i start to get that pain again i do a certain exercise... this may sound weird to you, but this worked for me. you need to have someone else there with you for this exercise.

    -lay down on the ground flat on your back.

    -have your partner bend your knee all the way twords your chest, as much as you can stand it and hold for 15-30 seconds. repeat with the other leg, because you want to be stretching out both sides so you wont be compensating.

    -make sure there is enough room for this next exercise.. have your partner take your leg. have him move to the outer side and have him pull your leg as hard as he/she can without hurting you and do that for 15 sec repeat for the other leg.... it gives relief to your nerve when you do that and you will feel so much better afterwards.

    i know it sounds confusing, and if you have any questions let me know i will be willing to help. I work in an Orthopedic Dr. office and we see many back patients, and i have also had SI problems for the past few years.. when i start to feel it coming on i do this exercise. it may always occur because you have a leg descrepency, arthritis, or other issues. good luck darlin!

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    5 years ago

    Hi Cutemom, what have you done to him? My sciatic problems usually arise from too much position 37b. If this is the case, don't panic, this is what to do. First, untie him, lose the swing, blindfold and harness......and open the door and let the Llama out. Next, give him breakfast in bed and a written free pass for three weeks freedom from mowing the lawns. (see, he's looking better already right?) Now try him on some Voltaren tabs to ease the pain. You might also get some Voltaren gel and massage into the affected area as required. Give him bedrest and very warm baths followed by a cold pack to relax and settle the inflamation over the week end and above all,...... no position 37b for a while. Ps Another home remedy that works for me is liberal doses of widescreen football and car racing coverage, coupled with chilled beer and tasty snacks served in Italian stillettos and a Ferrari red, aerodynamically unbalanced teddy. Glad to be of help. Danny. . .

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