When picking an outfit, how do you match colors?

I want the whole 9 yards here!! Tell me all the fashion rules, including how to match belts, socks, accessories, shirts, various pants, and think up every possible scenario with all different colors. Are there any specific important differences in matching for guys and gals?

I'm hoping for extensive answers (though I'll take what I can get!!) because I know there is a lot to this.

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    i try to even out the colors or just wear whatever looks good together. most of the things i wear are simply one color or two. my friend calls this "overmatching" and i guess she's right but its fine to me. what im about to tell you is just my style though. if i wear a hoodie or cardigan, i'll probably wear the same colored belt and my shirt and shoes will be the same color. brown cardigan and white tank and flats. if my shirt is long then the belt doesn't really matter cus it won't show. then i have my uggs which are sand. (this part isn't considered overmatching) and i can pretty much wear w/e with those like a pink/white striped shirt. nothing black though. since summers (no hoodies or cardigans) coming i could wear a green shirt, green flip flops, and a white belt. or green shirt green belt and white flip flops. i don't really match w/ my socks because it's just white or black and sometimes gray for me. im not too big on those but i like my ankle socks and higher ones when i wear timberland boots. for accessories, gold or silver depends on what you're wearing but only if you have some kind of gold on your hoodie so you wouldn't want to wear silver. and if there's some kind of silver on your shoes, you probably wouldn't want to wear gold jewlery. back to the over matching - green and white oufit means green or white earrings or bracelets or both. this thing my friend calls "over matching" is kind of in but it can get out of hand if you over do it with every little thing. pants. i love shorts (the fitted ones that go right above your knees)! you don't want to wear navy ones with a navy tank. you can only do that w/ black and white (sometimes). tan/khaki/brown (maybe) colored pants are like jeans, they're neutral and pretty much go with w/e colors. and you can NEVER wear black with light jeans - BAD. you can't wear colors that are too dark with jeans that are too light but you can sometimes wear colors that are light with darker jeans.

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    Remember.. the key is NEVER go too overboard. Of course u can get a top that, for example, is purple, white and orange and try to match with that but if you have a multi colored top, go darker (or less noticable) with your jeans. you wouldnt want to look like one huge blob of colors. Try to Choose a piece with some colors and focus on a couple of accessories that go with it. For example, you have a striped blue, green, white, and purple shirt. You can match that with dark jeans and make one of the colors pop out ( for example blue) and add a blue belt of the same color... or even a blue headband. Although i have to say, if you want to look really into fashion, matching perfectly isnt in anymore. Of course it will always look together, but not so much anymore. FOr these seasons trends, you should look into a color wheel and combine complementary colors ( such as orange, red, yellow) and that will look good. Also if you want to make a statement, or be noticed more, You should try opposite colors that pop out and look good to the eye, for example, a black and white dress could easily be matched with white shoes, and a black necklace...but if you match it with red pumps or a red accessory, suddendly the accessory pops out of the dress and you dont end up looking lost in a mutli colored pattern.

    I hope this helped and i didnt confuse you. =)

    any ?s contact me! ill be happy 2 help u more

    Source(s): fashion school ( Art institute for fashion design)
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    Okay, never ever wear black and dark brown together. Although, you can wear black and tan or khaki. Browns you can wear different shades together, same with a lot of pinks, but be careful with the pinks. Belts should help tie the outfit together. I prefer to wear scarves instead of belts in the belt loops, but big belts outside the loops are hot right now, as are belts worn at the natural waist. There really aren't that many fashion rules anymore. If you need more help, post it in additional details and I will give you my e-mail address.

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    You can pick a color that matches what you are wearing. But if you don't have anything that matches very well, you should always wear something that matches either your skin tone or your hair color. I use to wear black shoes as a default all the time. But since I saw an image consultant, I almost always wear brown shoes (unless I'm specifically wearing black). And your shoe color does not have to match your purse color.

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    well i usually match my shirt with my shoes. but i mean, you have to make sure that the pants and accessories dont clash either. as for socks, i only wear white ankle socks. at least i dont have to worry about matching those with anything since white goes with anything and also if they're ankle sock, no one can see them. but back to clothes, if i have a dark colored shirt like black or brown, i usually wear silver or black accessories. i like to wear rings and i wear a necklace everyday but when i do wear a ring, i dont wear braceelts cuz i think its too much. when i wear bracelets, my limit is 2 only. unless you have chunky bracelets but even then, 2 is enough. if im wearing bright colors like pink or yellow, i also wear silver (silver accessories basically go with everything.) jewelry and i like to wear a chunky pearl bracelet.

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    One is never wear 2 different patterns at the same time (had an experience)

    What my mom said: don't wear black with brown or navy blue but with bright colors either the accesories or shirt.

    shoes should match purse (or close)

    Neutral colors: browns, reds, whites wear gold jewlery

    That's all that comes to mind now but if you need more, then e-mail me at hereducky_myducky@yahoo.com

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    well if you are wearing something multi colored, for example let's say you picked a green and pink shirt, you would have to find bottoms that would be green or pink. and dont go overboard on accesories. shoes and hangbags are the most important accesories. then jewelery. all you need to wear white is a tan and some diamonds.

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    i wear whatever i think looks best on me.

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