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What is next for Al Sharpton? The entire constitution?

I hope the almighty and powerful Rev. Al Sharpton is happy. He got what he wanted - Imus is unemployed. That should bring ALL bigotry and ignorance to a grinding hault, PHEW! Couldn't have done it without ya AL!

I hope he feels good that Imus was fired in the middle of a charity drive that annually raises around $40 million for children with disabilities and special needs. A charity that has done so for over a decade.

Now, is Al going to take on the entire hip-hop community next? Black comedians who are bigots and sexists? No...probably not.

Maybe the GOOD REVEREND should remember; let he who live without sin cast the first stone.

And what Imus said was ignorant, but far from a "sin". When was the last time Al Sharpton raised $40 million for a children's charity?

The Freedom of Speech...better watch what you say...

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    You stated your case very well.

    Al Sharpton is another tool for the racist machine.

    He will not touch the hip hop industry or the rappers as they would come down on him like a ton of bricks. White people are fair game. Like good old Krammer. He made a mistake and they screwed him royally even after he told them he was sorry..that's life in the world of the HALL of SHAME..double standards?

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  • What most people don't realize is that Al Sharpton actually makes racism worse by his useless tirades. Why don't he or Jesse Jackson apologize to the Duke players? The other day I heard a mother call in on a talk show the other day and she told the host that she had trained her children that all people are created equal. Now she has malice inside because people like Al Sharpton are quick to shred someone else but do not apologize when they are wrong. Sharpton actually encourages racism because people immediately think almost anything can be interpreted as racist. This is just an incident in the big picture. Later this will be used as an excuse to outlaw talk radio because it is too offensive.

    Check out my Youtube page:

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    I don't think Imus was fired because free speech was denied him, I think he was fired because we all have free speech.

    You can't use the First Amendment to give him the right to say what he pleases and then deny the rest of us our First Amendment right to protest his words. Ultimately, he was fired because over 100 advertisers backed out of supporting the show. If I was an African-American woman advertising with CBS and heard him make those comments, why should I be pressured to ignore it and continue doing business with him? Free speech doesn't mean you are completely free from consequences, it simply means the government can't throw you in jail for speaking your mind.

    Naturally, something like this should not be confused with employees being fired because they talk publically about their company's racist or sexist hiring policies or damage the company's product may be doing to the public at large. Sadly, this type of free speech denial is a problem we have not confronted well in our great nation.

    I only wish we had demanded by now that our President and his Veep be fired after some of the inane and irresponsible lies they've told.

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    Al Shapton should apologize for the racist and derogatory remarks he made about the Duke players and then he should be fired..... uh, from whatever job he has...

    ...from his Reverend job.

    I won't be waiting on pins and needles when he goes after the "hip hop" crowd...

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    Sorry King George W. Bush, President of the United States of America, beat him to it; with the cowards of the Republican Congresses and Senate. It was called the Patriotic Act!

    BTW, a KKK member hiding behind a Charity or multiple charities is still the bastard that burns crosses on other peoples lawn and never their own!

    BTW; Paul Q; Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, for years have challenge "Gangsta Rappers"; to not use derogatory language or imagery to sell Cd's.

    In addition; Imus was fired not because of freedom of speech; but because he worked for someone else. When on their dime, you spit and shine.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No of course not for them to say such is not racist but it is sexist,and for a so called reverend imoral.

    The freedom of speech ? whats that oh you mean that which the Negroids can use but no one else.

    The scripture says many things also about trouble makers,and those who live by the sword.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Al needs to mentally masturbate himself and you bring up a lot of excellent points.

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