Holiday has been changed by first choice?

I booked a holiday to the maldives with first choice and received my tickets and confirmation last week, they sent me a letter today saying that due to admin error they have had to change our chosen accommodation, the accommodation they have picked for us is a lower star rating and not what we wanted, it has terrible reviews, they have offered to upgrade us to all inclusive, but it is really not what we want, we are due to go in two weeks, what rights do I have?

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    Try and get a hold of one their brochures and read the booking conditions at the back - from memory (used to work at TCook) if you have been downgraded you should at least get some moneytary compensation - but grab one of the brochures - that will show you exactly where you stand - ps in the Maldives you can't really go wrong no matter which island you go to - there ain't much difference in nightlife between any of the islands, scuba/snokeling is great everywhere, people are all really nice -food is surprisingly good! And as long as your room has A/C what more could you want! Hope you get something sorted but i'm sure you'll have a great time anyway (hope your flying with First Choice and not Monarch! -if it's Monarch make sure you have something strong to knock you out on the flight - FC are suppost to be V.good for long haul flights)

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    Actually, they should upgrade rather than downgrade! Now, the advice given above is right BUT I want you to consider this: The Maldives is a funny place. Each Island is a hotel (or each hotel is an island, if you prefer). As far as eating is out is concerned you have a choice of anywhere you like as long as it is the hotel you are staying in. What is more, because everything has to be man-handled (a lot) you find you have to take out a mortgage on a Coca Cola. All inclusive, therefore, is worth an awful lot. Choosing a place to stay in the Maldives is simple, take the cheapest, take the most expensive and plump for the one in the middle and you will not go far wrong. As long as the one you are booked into is in the middle, you should be Okay. depending on where you are staying (which Atol) I hope that you have booked a seaplane transfer, if not then try and get them to throw this in (as compensation!). A Dhoni ride is not funny and even the speedboat transfers can be a real pain, especially if you have to cross the Atols. Oh - and I hope that you are only staying for a week, any more and you can go totally stir-crazy. "No shoes, no news" is what they say there and there is only so much "romantic star gazing" any couple can take. The Maldives are best combined with Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - a wonderful place - or even Dubai. Or did you book this online and not get a travel agents advice?

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    You made a contact with First Choice.

    They have failed to honour their part of the contract. Therefore the contract is broken. They should, at least, give a full refund.

    If a full refund is not offered then threaten them with civil court action. You can also infer that additional compensation will be claimed for ie. inconvenience, stress caused, etc. plus any additional costs this saga has cost you.

    If a full refund is not then offered you must carry out your threat. Consult the Citizens Advice Bureau on the best way to carry out court action. This advice would be free. If the amount is more substantial a 30 min appointment with a solicitor would be a worthwhile investment.

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