Ideas for good friday with kids please?

I am thinking to go to chester zoo with my nephew ( he is 13 months old ), any better suggestions please, thanks in advance.


thanks for that singapor, but I only have one nephew and no other kids for him to play with on this day, I get your point though about his nap in the afternoon though thanks.

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    Let me think...

    1) The zoo is a great idea...also you can buy ice cream.

    2) A very nice lunch..with hotdogs..and things like that...

    3) can rent CARS or The Lion King..are very cool!

    4) Museum is good idea, probably is good have in touch with art in early years ...will be very helpfull to kids to be more sensitive and intelegent.

    good luck


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Oh no, going somewhere with a 13 month old will be murder, as it will all be smashed alive. The weather is supposed to be fantastic, so why don't you have an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddies: hide them all over the garden and the house, and then have a lovely Spring BBQ. Also, 13-month old toddlers like to have their naps, so going out for a long day trip on a Bank Holiday is just not my idea of fun!

    Stay at home and chill instead.

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    Being a toddler they love to get messy. Boil up some eggs and get some poster paints. Let him decorate them, that will keep him happy and busy for a while. Then take him out to a convenient hill (not too steep as he is small) and let him roll them down the hill. The idea is to see which ones last the longest with the least amount of cracks. Then (if he likes boiled eggs) you have a picnic and let him eat his best egg. My kids loved this activity and it doesn't cost much, is fun and you get excercise and a picnic. He should then be tired out and ready for a nap so you can put your feet up. Have a lovely day.

  • Lydia
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    Go to a nice Good Friday service.

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    wherever you go is going to be really busy - so if you not mind the crowds then its a great idea, the kids will love it.

    i am taking the kids on a picnic and to the beach in the 4WD, but i live in australia.

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    It gives him friends, toys, and food

    plus u are can good out tonight

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    how about a museum that is nice and filled with baby friendly things!!!!

    Source(s): little cousin at 13 months went
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