Any tips for going to the Maldives half board in April?

I have heard it is really expensive when you get there, any tips would help.

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    In the Maldives the hotel/resorts/spas are on islands -- so you are stuck without the option of going to a local store to buy supplies -- except in the capital of Male.

    Tip: So a visit with half board will only work if you can pack enough Power Bars for your other meals!

    Other savings tips: Take your own snorkel + mask + fins so you don't have to rent these at the resort. If you do take scuba equipment most airlines will give you an extra baggage allowance. Take your own surf board for the best surfing on the planet.

    Sun lotion: You can spend hours at the surface of the water with a snorkel -- take a T-shirt and lots of water-proof sun-tan-lotion. The brand name lotions are very expensive to buy in the islands -- stock up in advance.

    The ride to your island is either a speed boat, jet plane or a local fishing boat (Dhoni). On the Dhoni you can work with the locals to drop a line to catch some tuna -- this could be fun and a few meals.

    You may wish to consider a diving or surfing vacation on a boat where your meals and fishing are done for you. These packages need about 10 people to book but are only 100 to 150 dollars/Euros per person per night for 7 nights ...

    Enjoy the Maldives.

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    Try to upgrade to all inclusive if you can.

    The maldives differs from island to Island but it's generally expensive.

    A trip to the capital male is always a good idea to stock up on provisions but i would go all inclusive then sit back and enjoy this wonderful part of the world

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    it a bit expensive now, but not few years ago. wonderful place to be. each resorts it like like your own private island. Maldives is save to go all year round.i dont know if there is a holiday in Europe that time, if so it will be more expensive.

    tips:- just bring swim wear and shorts. is a sunshine paradise

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    do not trust sellers there in shopping. they r all rip offs. dont get guide if you get one dont give more than 5 pounds. if they try to sell you sandal wood dont buy it coz its not. dont buy coral from places that you dont trust coz its fake. Maldives really cheap if you r British. and gorgeous place. i went maldives 2 years ago in march. had wonderful time but i bought fake coral and fake sandal wood. and couldnt get my money back when i found out later

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    see if you can change to all-inclusive ,as it is VERY EXPENSIVE ,You are not allowed to take drink with you so best bet is all-inclusive

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