any suggestions as to where unmarried pregnant girls would have been sent to in 1920s Liverpool area?

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    Quite a lot of them would have stayed at home and had the baby. The family would have rallied round and covered up the shame. Such strategies might include things such as the grandmother adopting the baby and pretending it was hers.

    A considerable number would have been sent to homes for unmarried mothers, either charitable ones or ones run by relgious bodies. In the 1920s, Liverpool was fiercely polarised between Protestants and Catholics. So only Catholic girls would have been sent to convents, where they would have been encouraged, I am sorry to say, to give up the baby for adoption. There were equivalent Anglican charities. I suspect that the Poor Law Guradians, who were legally responsible for unprovided for mothers, in Liverpool would have been likely to refer unmarried mothers to such charities.

    Again sadly, there were instances of unmarried mothers in the early twentieth century being regarded as morally degenerate and locked up, for many years, in mental institutions. Most cities at the time had notorious large asylums on their outskirts which everybody would know of by name. I am afraid I do not know what the name of Liverpool's major asylums were.

    I am answering from knowledge stored in my head. Liverpool has a large City Library: if you want more detailed information I suggest you enquire in its reference or local history section.

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    convents and then back home after the birth the family would say something like shes gone to look after sick aunt so and so the nuns would look after the baby and arrange for adoption

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    they would not have got pregant unmarried ...If they go pregant they were put in the monestry or threw in the work house. NO MUCKING ABOUT IN THOSE DAYS eh

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