State two reasons why companies want to be measured by mystery shoppers?

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    to check that company policys are being followed and to identify areas for improvment.

    in the future do your own homework.

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    What better way to evaluate your business than to ask a customer?

    Reason number one: Customer Service Team.

    The customer service reps that you meet at a store or other business are the face of the company. It is very important to business owners that their team is courteous and helpful to each and every customer that walks into their store. A mystery shopper is the only way to get precise feedback on how well a customer service team is handling the business.

    Reason number two: Cleanliness of property.

    I don't know about you, but I would much rather do my business at a company that takes care of their property. The alternative, messy storefront or parking lot, sends a message of carelessness and reflects negatively on the company. Mystery shoppers can share their opinions on the cleanliness of companies, as well as suggestions on improvement.

    Reason number three: Quality of merchandise

    Even though this seems like a no-brainer, it happens. One would expect to find products in great shape, unless of course you are in a second-hand store. Some mystery shoppers are inspecting merchandise for flaws in comparison to other companies with similar items.

    Reason number four: Value for your money.

    As a mystery shopper you are sometimes required to rate the price and value of a product compared to that of another store or brand.

    I know that the question was for two reasons. Look, I just doubled your request at no extra charge. How's that for customer service? =)

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    A mystery shopper would have an anonymous encounter with the sales staff..that is they wouldn't be nice just because they knew they were being watched. The mystery shopper could also comment on the cleanliness or lack there of in the dressing rooms and in the store on the whole.

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    A mystery shopper does not hold any favortism toward the company. Second they are supposed to expect to be treated like a customer with money. Most companies are only nice to people with money. Sad but true.

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    To find out how their customers are treated by a nuetral person (the person has nothing to gain or loose by telling the truth where a worker may not want to tell all the bad info). To gain a new customer. (If the mystery shopper had never been to the place before and had a good experience, they are likely to return and/or tell their friends about how good the place is.)

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    Since I am doing this currently I can tell you it's not as cut and dry as you are making it out to be. I am given a store to shop. When I arrive at the store I see how many carts are in the parking area, how much trash too. then cleanliness when I enter the store. I visit every department in the store looking for a worker to talk to. see fi they know their stuff and see how they respond when I ask where to find something. I have to buy one item for which I am not reimbursed. I evaluate the checker and the bagger (if ther is one) and leave. Again I count carts, and check for trash.

    When I get home I transfer my notes to a form to file and enter my shop report on-line. I am paid for time and mileage only.

    I do not know of any secret shopper program that pays for items purchased. They may exist but I do not know of them.

    ps. I work for the company whose stores I shop. I did not pay anything to get this job they pay me.

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    Mystery shoppers are there to monitor discipline, service and that all correct and appropriate procedures are being followed... It is actually very easy to get into... you can sign up on a website, have a set list of questions to ask, and then you get your meal/ drink/ little fluffy thing free, and you get paid for your time...

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    1. To get a true reading of how their associates are performing. Usually they pick ordinary people to shop and fill out a questionaire.

    2. To ensure they are offering the best customer service.

    Note: Customer service in America is non-existant. It's every person for themselves. Rarely will you find quality Customer Service.

  • Jen G
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    1. Gives them a snapshot of the service provided in stores.

    2. Allows them to measure certain aspects of customer service that are important to them. (i.e. if the associates greeted them while going through the store).

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    To get an unbias customer opinion. To find out if their stores are holding up the standards they deem and expect to be acceptable.

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    That way they can find out what type of every day service is being provide and for quality control on there products.

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