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ATT Phone Service?

Getting a simple answer from ATT nowadays is next to impossible. First, I tried to change my home phone from Residential to Business and they said - You are not with ATT... I have been paying ATT for service for 1 1/2 years. Then, they asked if the littlle blue and white globe was in the corner of my bill. Yes it is. Long story short - 1 hour and 55 min. later I finally was put through to someone that was able to change my service. Today, I am trying to get a user ID and password set up to use my account manager. I was with 3 different people and endless holds to finally get someone to set it up and the necessary things will be e-mailed to me within 24 hrs. Here's the thing - if I worked outside of my home I would never have had enough time to get these answers. I can see it now.... Oh, I need a 2 hr. lunch because I need to get a 5 min. business transaction over with ATT...... I have filed all my e-mails under the ARRRRRRGGGGG file. Does anyone else have ATT trouble?

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    was it really necessary to change your residential line to a business line,, because business rates are much highermonthly, local calls are not necessary free,as in residential.. And you might have to pay for yellow pages advertisements...

    It is possible to do what you did,, but beware fees for calls and changes are much higher...

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    let me tell you i would cancel this mess and go to sprint. the reason why is Att well they have cheated on the phone bills so long and we were with them for years and eyars. but you hve to watch the phone bills yep, they add stuff and it s called slamming. and if you pay fine if you don't they take it off its not your stuff either. well we have had them take 50 dollars off nearly alot of times which we have really been watching so we went to time warner. its alot cheaper and you get free long distance. i mean the cell phones I know the sprint can go anywhere in the US and that is good and go reception and they give you phones and stuff it much better take care.

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