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is it safe for a hypertensive patient to shower before going to bed?

which is prefered, warm or cool?


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    Perfectly safe. I would not use too hot or cold. An average temp is relaxing for me. I have had hypertension for years and shower each night before bed.

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    Physical medicine therapies using water may also provide great benefit. Some of these include:

    ** hot baths: to promote sweating

    ** peroxide baths: to greatly stimulate skin circulation

    ** constitutional hydrotherapy

    ** for acute hypertension : enema, then full body hot bath with cold compress to head and neck

    ** foot baths: alternating between tubs of hot and cold water

    Source(s): Hypertension © Emily Kane N.D. Published by American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
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    a warm bath will do perfectly well,unless the patient is not feeling very well, like feeling a bit dizzy prior to taking a bath, so i can't find any reason not to.

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    yes it is safe unless you have been passing out.

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