Has anyone traveled throughout the Philippines using public transportation?

Was it a good experience?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, you can't really travel throughout the Philippines with public transportation because, ... it is an archipelago but just around regions and stuff, I'd say it would be terrible. Public transportation in the Philippines isn't pleasant, I tell you.

    Public transport consists of tricycles, jeepneys, and buses (ones with air conditioning and ones without).

    Tricycles, jeepneys, and buses without air-conditioning aren't very clean. Besides, they're "open" and you have to breath all the polluted air. That aside, the seats could be ripped or broken and being that most roads are messed up and bumpy, you'll be banging your *ss half the time. Being in a jeepney, which usually, during certain times of the day, can get really packed, is like sardines in a sardine can. You just get squished in there with all other people. The fact that Philippine weather is also hot and humid and people are sweating all the time isn't that great either.

    Air conditioned buses are much better but buses don't really go into the 'little streets' and corners and more interesting places. Tricycles are more private but still, not too good.

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  • Mark
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    1 decade ago

    In the United States we have robbers that walk in to a store and point a gun over your head so u can hand them the money you have. In the Phil, they have a highway robbers, they can pop out of no where if you are driving or they can be just a regular passengers riding in a group. The mintue you and the rest of the riders are in an isulated area, all the sudden you see Guns drawan asking for your Wallet, Cell Phone and other valuables. How often does this happen? I have no idea and I cant really back it up with stats unfortunatly! I always wanted to explore the phil driving then taking one of the SuperFerries across to other Islands such as Cebu and continue on driving. But for now, flying is my only option to travel across the south and north part of the Phil unless am taking a short three or so hour ride then I will just take my chances with my "locked doors."

  • djm749
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    In the North public transportation is not a luxury experience but it adequate. All transportation is very crowded. In the southern islands its hit and miss, extremely crowded, and you have to worry about rebels attacking. Stay off of ferries. They are known for overloading and turning over.

    Source(s): 2 1/2 years in the PI
  • Public transport also includes planes, and Seair has the best network for visiting popular and out of the way places in comfort with no hassles, and the 19 seat Let 410 is probably the safest plane for its' size in the world, for all those who are worried about smaller planes!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its hard to travel throughout the Philippines not using public transpo. Its an archipelago, and I don't have my own boat, and I don't have my own plane.

    But if we're talking about throughout Metro Manila, its a pain. Especially on the peak seasons.

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    Haha.. If someone did travele using public transportation in philippines, i dont think so they will be a life today. Don't even think about using the public transportation. Oh please don't.

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    As a matter of fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in one of its reports says that Philippines has one of the most extensive road network in South East Asia. However, most of them are not maintained. We have a road from up North in Ilocos to down south in Mindanao. It's like driving from New York to San Francisco, you'll get bored, you'll get tired.

    It's always easy to fly!


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    Oh God - no. Tricycles you bang your head, Jeepneys, you bang your head, regular busses you breathe pollution, air con busses break down or get held up....

    Ah yes... you wanted to know if it was a good experience. You get to experience interesting sights, like a jeepney school bus with kids hanging all over and you hope they won't fall under your car - or a bus full of coconuts with people sitting on roof. (You can't sell people, but a coconut is worth 10 peso).

  • Well
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    1 decade ago

    I rode trikes, jeepneys and even the L41's Tequila M. mentioned. Walking across a busy highway is much more "interesting". Cool adventures all, sometimes death-defying. Just watch your wallet and bring a hanky and lots of hand sanitizer.

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    well that depends on your idea of public transportation...

    I have ridden jeepneys, they are smelly and hot but you see alot.

    I also ride a bus...even though i have a perfectly capable motorcycle... with my wife to Hagnaya before we take the ferry to Bantayan Island....

    They are extremely uncomfortable....no padding on the seats and almost completely upright sitting. and very crowded...but I like it..For me it is the experience and I would hate to even guess how sore my rearend would be if my wife let us ride the moto up into the mountains..LOL

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