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Help!!!What song is this,& who sing's it?Any guess'es ?

Last summer my boyfriend had me listen to a song thet was playing on the radio.I've herd it twice sence then, but I did'nt hear the name of the song or who sang it.The station was FM 107.7,or FM 99.9 There was only one guy singing kinda slow,then the guitar music would play kinda fast,then the guy would start singing again.The only word's I remember went something like -( This is what you get,when you "????" with love!)or (Play the game of love? )or( Mess around with love?) THEN at the end of the song,the fast guitar music starts slowing down like it's running out of gas or something! Sorry I don't have much Info to give you,but please try !

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    band- Radiohead song- Karma Police ;)

  • 1 decade ago

    yea thats definitely Karma Police by Radiohead. good stuff

  • 1 decade ago

    What kind of song was it, was it Rock, Pop, Country, Latino?

    Was the guy old or young? Did he have a coarse voice or a smooth voice?

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